Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 December President's Message

Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and Service

These are just a few qualities that can be used to describe NAIFA members and how they run their business. NAIFA members believe that what they do really does make a difference in the lives of their clients and our society as well. If you are reading this you know what I mean and you live by them. You also make the commitment via your dues to promote these values within our profession as well as with our legislators. For this I commend you and thank you! This is a great organization and will continue to thrive, but only with your continued support and recruitment of new members as well as keeping the members we have. Together we can make great things happen.

Our winter Board Meeting took place December 9 in Dupont to conduct Association business and build stronger relationships. Mel Sorensen, our Lobbyist presented the latest information on the Healthcare Act and some things to look out for down the road. You will get timely information regarding topics of concern, possibly needing your attention and action. Our special guest was Jill Judd, newly elected NAIFA Trustee from California. She is assigned to our state and made a presentation from the National Board as well as giving valued input. Your Board is made up of officers, vice presidents, committee chairs and local association presidents, all volunteers – all committed to preserving our great profession. I believe we are called to this profession. I believe that any agent or representative that does what we do just for the money will not last, or at least not very happily. We are rewarded with the satisfaction of truly helping our clients to be in a better financial position after working with us and knowing they are prepared when tragedy or retirement happens.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 2013 Advocacy

NAIFA Washington “Day on the Hill” 2014

“Day on the Hill” is scheduled January 21st in Olympia.   When it comes to political advocacy and protecting the interests of its members, NAIFA is one of the best in the business.  Our many successes have hinged on NAIFA Washington's favorable relationships with their legislators.

Challenges remain to bring the uninsured Washingtonians into the system and to reduce the high cost of health care for everyone.  We will have an update from the CEO of the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.

2013 December IFAPAC

There are no shortcuts

Brian Tracy said, "There are no shortcuts. To be a big success, start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later." 

In the world of sales we are playing in the major leagues. We are still here because we didn't seek shortcuts.  We sell a product that is for the most part invisible, without an aroma, taste or feel. We work in an environment akin to the Great Wallendas; without a safety net. We survive and prosper by working hard and smart, beginning early and finishing later than most others. We have learned that work spares us from three great evils; Boredom, Vice and Need.

Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 October/November APIC

At a recent local NAIFA function, I was asked to say a few words regarding my involvement with NAIFA; specifically, why I am a member.  Seems like a pretty straight-forward question and answer.  Here’s the problem; I’m preaching to the choir.  If I were speaking to a group of non-members maybe my comments would be more impactful.  The reality is that there is nothing I’ve said that our local membership hasn’t heard before.  I decided to approach it differently. 
Just like handling an objection before the prospect or client brings it up, a pre-emptive strike so to speak, I acknowledged that there were those among us who have questioned the value of their membership, or will question it sometime in the future.  The reason I continue my membership is not because of meetings, CE, camaraderie, or any of the other legitimate reasons that a member will cite.  I’m a member because of my core belief that I am protecting my chosen career by contributing to the viability of our association.  I couldn’t possibly afford to hire a lobbyist or a team of attorneys to represent me so that I can continue working in the industry, unless I have the economies of scale that association membership provides.

It would be great to inspire people to join us, and maybe guilt works with some, but how about an appeal to common sense?  We can’t do this by ourselves and they (non-members) can’t survive without us. We all know a non-member or an unengaged existing member.  APIC is a great example of our strength in numbers.  Getting involved at a grass roots level is what we do.  Member and non-member alike; we need each other. That’s APIC!  

Richard l. Miller, CLU, ChFC, CASL, LUTCF
APIC Chair

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 October/November IFAPAC

If Insurance is your profession, politics is your business.

Even if you are not involved directly with selling health insurance you cannot escape hearing about and seeing the problems with the debut of Obamacare. It is a perfect demonstration of why government should not be trusted with our health care.

People with common sense and reality-based principles understand that government programs are by definition political. Politicians and bureaucrats are not personally accountable for failure, as in the private sector, so failure is acceptable to them. Thus we get cost overruns, fraud and poor service.

Political consideration number one in the launch of Obamacare was the 2012 presidential election. Defenders of the incumbent did not want voters to know there would be a huge jump in the price of insurance for most people not being subsidized. They didn’t want supporters or critics to know about the rectal exam that would be required by the exchange website. They didn’t want the masses to know about the four, five and up to eight thousand dollar deductibles. They didn’t want people to learn of the limited (skinny) networks that may not include THEIR hospital, doctor or pediatrician. They knew that revealing those details too early would tip voters toward the challenger who promised to stop it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 October/November President's Message

Greeting from your President

I think it is appropriate that I thank our outgoing National Committeeman Ralph Van Winkle for his outstanding service these past several years. He also did a fine job, along with our Executive Linda in putting together a delegation of 18 to attend the NAIFA National Conference in San Antonio Texas late this past month. Our national leadership once again proved themselves worthy of our praise in a wonderful experience including program speakers, workshops and NAIFA business. The controversial item of business was the proposed $25 increase in dues to help fund the fly in to Washington DC next May. This past April’s fly in was highly successful so the plan is to do it again next May. Please consider attending this opportunity to visit with your Congressional Representative and Senators to educate them of the work we do to serve our clients with the products we have.

If you attended the Financial Services Forum last month thank you. If you did not you missed some great speakers and opportunity to network and join in fellowship. John Nichols is your President Elect who chaired this event. He and his team were exceptional in picking the speakers as well as the location, right on the water.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 October/November Day on the Hill

Mark Your Calendars Now...for the 2014 Day on the Hill

January 21, 2014 at the Double Tree Hilton (formerly the Phoenix Inn) featuring representatives from the Governor's office, key legislators, the Exchange, the OIC, as well as leaders from the life and health insurance industries.


DoubleTree by Hilton
(formerly the Phoenix Inn)
415 Capital Way N.
Olympia, WA 98501

Discounted overnight rooms are available for $129.00 per night and must be booked before December 20, 2013.  Reservations can be made by calling 1-877-570-0555 toll free and asking for NAIFA rate.  The DoubleTree by Hilton is located in downtown Olympia, just minutes from Washington State Capitol campus.  

Stay tuned...more to come...

2013 October/November Membership Contest

A New Kind of Contest with a Great Prize

Greetings from Al Zalewski, who was brought back, kicking and screaming,  from northern Saskatchewan fishing for giant northern pike to succeed the admirable Ralph Van Winkle, who did a superb job as your State National Committeeman for  the past 6 years. 

At President Gleim’s Summer Roundtable, and later fleshed out at our Planning and Development Committee meeting, we came up with a neat idea for a contest you can really WIN something pretty darn cool:

A 6 Night, 7 Day Vacation at our beautiful home in Sunriver, Oregon!

Have you heard of Sunriver?  Here’s the scoop:

2013 October/November In Memoriam

Tony was born in the steel town of New Castle, PA where he said the winter snow was always black. He really disliked shoveling snow!

Tony joined the Washington State Association of Life Underwriters (now NAIFA-Washington) in 1968. He served his state and local associations in many capacities including State President 1981-82 and most recently as State Employee Benefit Liaison in 2008.

He had a successful career in insurance for 43 years where he and his wife Pat worked together for 37 of those years. He was involved with many organizations, but was most proud of being one of the first people in Whatcom County to teach CPR at the Bellingham Technical School. He was very active in his faith and loved God with all of his heart.

Tony liked to putter around in his shop, watch movies, and fish when he could, and to spend every birthday in Mexico along with their wonderful friends.

He is survived by his wife Pat, son Ron (Lesley Norman) and daughter Amy. He was grandfather to Jason, Jenny, and Lillianne and great-grandfather to Braxton and Oliver.

2013 October/November Professional Development

Exciting News!!!  The American College has updated and reinvigorated what we have all come to know as the LUTCF/FSS designations!  Due to the changing sociological environment that we live in, new classes have been developed to assist the Agent/Producer to be better equipped to help society in these dynamic times.  The new designation is “Financial Services Certified Professional” or FSCP. 

For those who hold the LUTCF, there are steps to update and add this new certification.  If you are content to hold the LUTCF, you need do nothing.   If you are currently pursuing the LUTCF designation, and you want to complete it, you can do that too.  Plus, if you want to Transition from the already completed courses over to the new designation, you are given that option too.  Nothing has been taken off the table; only new more relevant classes have been added to the curriculum. 

Friday, September 27, 2013

2013 October/November In Memoriam

It is with deep sadness that we inform you that Jack Thomas passed away last night after a long and brave battle with cancer.  Jack started his career with New York Life in 1978. He was a mentor to many of us, and a great friend to all he came into contact with.  He was also a tremendous family man.

Jack was also NAIFA-WA membership chair in 99/00! His goal was 2000 in 2000!  I think we got to 1500?

During his 35 years with NYLIC he went to Africa (Uganda) twice to build orphanages for the children displaced by the wars. He personally raised over $100k for materials and brought friends from his church to help with the construction.

Jack was also a consistant leader in the NYLIC Tacoma GO. many times "THE" leader of all the agents.

Jack is survived by his wife Sandra, his daughters Kindra and Calli, his son-in-law, Scott and his grandchildren, Jaden and Dylan who bravely supported Jack in his fight.  The Thomas’ are a wonderful and caring family.  Please join me in offering them our sincere condolences at this difficult time.  

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 August/September President's Message

Build Your Profession – Build Your Practice


I know for many of you a lot of time and energy has been spent on preparing for the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts your business as well as those you serve. I hope you know by now that your Association both at the state and national level have been actively involved and will continue to be.

We are in a most noble of profession! We provide financial security and guidance to widows and families. We are there with monthly checks to the disabled. We deliver money to pay for home care for dad so that mom doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting. We keep the family solvent when a serious illness or accident happens. We see to it that the golden years are truly golden. We help plan for college education. The list goes on and on. I challenge you to put serious thought into each of these problems/solutions and how you can better your service. Think of the last time you heard that a family member or friend or client for that matter passed away. Did you get that sinking feeling of “Wow, did they have enough life insurance?” Did you have and give them the opportunity to discuss the financial result of their death for the people left behind? 

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Americans are vastly uninsured and underinsured. Build Your Practice by seeing your existing clients and prospects with a special emphasis on “life insurance for the living.” Remember, “A wife does not know the value of life insurance, only a widow is qualified.” If your counseling skills are a bit rusty, go back to your company provided sales training or LUTC books or contact your local to hold a CE session at a regular meeting. Better yet, get other Reps together to hold LUTC classes. There is no better way to learn sales skills than LUTC. If you have trouble locating the right person, contact me. I’ll get you to them.

We as the premier Professional Association for Insurance and Financial Advisors are strong, solvent and viable. We do have room for improvement though in that we need to grow our numbers to have a bigger impact on legislators. The benefits we provide to the public are and will continue to be under watch and even attack for tax revenue. So please Build your Profession by asking other insurance agents and financial advisors to join you in paying dues for the benefits of membership they are currently enjoying. There are 300,000 Reps enjoying benefits of NAIFA but less than 50,000 are paying dues. Get them in and get them to local meetings and involved from the start. This improves the odds of them staying. Make sure they put your name down as sponsoring agent so you can get credit for them.

Coming soon are details of new member challenge and reward that you won’t want to miss.
Kevin Gleim, LUTCF, FICF
NAIFA-Washington President



Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 August/September Immediate Past President

Congratulations NAIFA Washington!

We did it! As a result of this state operating as a T.E.A.M., we have earned the coveted national award, The Jack E. Bobo Award of Excellence at the GOLD level! I am super proud of everyone’s effort and perseverance through some difficult challenges! The level of our achievement may or may not register with every member, but this award is our measure of success as an association and can be earned at both the local and state levels! The reason it’s a “big deal” is if you are earning this award, you are succeeding as an association. It matters! If your local did not earn this award, you should be asking your leadership why not.

NAIFA will be recognizing our achievement in San Antonio at the NAIFA National Convention! I look forward to seeing all who are attending and again…GREAT JOB! Let’s do it again and again!

Jeff Kyle, LUTCF, LTCP

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 August/September Professional Development

Now is the time to assess your commitment to providing a LUTC course to your membership. This is a great way to get membership engaged.  You only need 5 students to get a class going.  If you have members that have taken classes but still don’t have an LUTCF designation, now is the time to complete it. 

Word has it that NAIFA and The American College is going to be ending the designation.   Yes, I got this from the Professional Development at NAIFA National.   Soon a new designation will be introduced and new courses rolled out.   Be a lifelong learner, it's almost impossible to stay current in our industry without taking courses and advancing your marketability.   Good luck and have a great year.

Roger McDowell, LUTCF
State Professional Development Chairman

2013 August/September IFAPAC

Pay It Forward
Pay it forward is a term describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. She wrote, “You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.”

The phrase is even older than that. Pay it forward was used as a key plot in the play by Menander, Dyskolos (a title which can be translated as “The Grouch”). Dyskolos was a prizewinning play in ancient Athens in 317 BC; however, the text of the play was lost and it was not re-published until 1957.  The concept was rediscovered and described by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Benjamin Webb dated April 25, 1784: “I do not pretend to give such a deed; I only lend it to you. When you meet another honest Man in similar Distress, you must pay me by lending this Sum to him; enjoining him to discharge the Debt by a like operation, when he shall be able, and shall meet with another opportunity. I hope it may thus go thro’ many hands…This is a trick of mine for doing a deal of good with a little money.”

2013 August/September APIC

It is summer recess and most congressmen/women are currently in district.  If you are an APIC contact for your local association, or involved in a key position such as President or National Committee person, you have received two email reminders in the last few weeks from yours truly asking you to set up a face-to-face meeting with your representative or a staff member for the purposes of reinforcing NAIFA’s position on tax reform.  To date I have had two responses regarding meetings with legislators; NAIFA-Snohomish and NAIFA- Tri-Cities.
It is particularly important to contact and meet with legislators who sit on key committees. Four of our Congressmen/women serve on key committees; Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, 5th district, Energy & Commerce; Jim McDermott, 7th district, Ways & Means; Dave Reichert, 8th district, Ways & Means; and Denny Heck, 10th district, Financial Services. These committees and the decisions they make directly impact our industry, the clients we serve, and the legislator’s constituents.

2013 August/September Membership

Dog Days of Summer- Learn a new Trick or two- FREE!

Your continued support of NAFIA affords you many self-directed “Best Practices.” Here just are just few:

Take advantage of some of these following FREE services.

NAIFA Online Seminar Series The NAIFA Online Seminar Series features training and information programs on various topics important to running your business and enhancing your success, including practice management, sales, marketing, and prospecting, each with specific content for every career stage. These video based programs are further enhanced by downloadable print materials and resources.

NAIFA Virtual Library  Whether you are a new advisor or agent, or an experienced producer, the NAIFA Virtual Library is your key to a myriad of sales support tools and resources that will help you grow and succeed in your business.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 June/July Immediate Past President

Outgoing President's Message 

Hello NAIFA Participants! On the State level, we’ve been together for 6 years…6 looooooooooong years! Hahaha. In that time, we have accomplished a LOT in moving the cause of NAIFA Washington forward as well as built a LOT of GREAT memories that I will never forget…until I trigger a LTCI claim…right? I could spend time listing all the accomplishments especially over the past two years as President (and if you want to go over this rather impressive list, I’d be glad to let you buy me a coffee or lunch…lunch would be better and talk about the “glory days”)!
Instead, I’d rather tell you a story about the difference between Lee Ioccoca and Jeff Kyle. (take LILI or read the Good to Great story about Ioccoca). How am I different than him…I look at my local and 4 of the 7 Officers and Board members, I recruited to NAIFA, recruited to leadership by managing expectations and mentoring them in the “ways of NAIFA”. I look at the State, I have built a tremendous team of leaders (including a couple who have now been elected and will serve as our President, as well as all of the chairs, co-chairs and some RVP’s! A think tank we refer to as the “Knights of NAIFA”, created an Ad-Hock Committee Chair position called “Communications” that has now given us a web presence, FB, Linked In, E-mail thru Constant Contact and we’re working through some challenges with on-line web conferencing and I’m confident we will have that “dialed in” sometime this coming year! Half of these Leaders are young (YAT young) and the others are helping me mentor them and THEY are my legacy!

2013 June/July OIC

As the licensing and education manager for the state insurance commissioner’s office, I’d like to take a moment to bring the NAIFA membership up to date on what’s happening within my program – and to ask for your input.

Online Licensing – The OIC has prioritized moving the licensing processes online since 2007.  Progress over the past six years has been steady, building our online services piece by piece. I am pleased to inform you that at the end of May 2013, more than 99 percent  of all state insurance licensing transactions are being completed online. As a result, in most cases it’s now significantly faster to obtain or renew an insurance license.

I would like your feedback on your experiences with the online licensing system. What can we do to make it better or easier for you to use?  Most of our best ideas for improvements come from those that use our system.  Send us your suggestions!

Electronic Fingerprinting – The latest piece of the online initiative has been electronic submission of fingerprints.  Washington residents are required to submit fingerprints for a state and federal background check as a part of the application process.  As a result, background results have been returned to the OIC within the same day as the fingerprints were submitted for a large percentage of applicants.  This is a significant improvement over the 2-3 week for returned results for hardcopy fingerprints.  At the end of May 2013, 94% of all fingerprints were submitted electronically. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 June/July Advocacy

NAIFA Washington Advocacy for Members in Constant Motion

Whew…what a year 2013 turned out to be!  But there is no time to rest on past successes.  Let’s look at NAIFA-Washington’s successes:

· “Day on the Hill” huge success.  Information, Attendance, Speaker line-up,  Legislative Contacts, 13 Locals represented, Profitability

·  “Call to Action” stopped a 271% increase for ALL Agents/producers paying B&O Taxed.  Leadership Coalition testifies in Olympia, NAIFA WA, WAHU, IIABW, PIA, Farmers, American Family, 1000’s of the Producer Community call their legislators!
Strong NAIFA WA representation on the Office of the Insurance Commissioner’s Agent/Brokers Life, Health, Disability Advisory Council…keeping NAIFA WA informed and involved with the OIC.
NAIFA WA Members: (L/R   )Sharon Sparling, Kathy Smithson,
Andrew Hooper, Brian Berg, Alan Zalewski, Robert “Bob” Mertz, Matt Ryan

·  **NEW VICTORY**  “Agent/Producer” presence on the new Washington healthplanfinder.  Mel Sorensen, NAIFA WA Lobbyist notified us that after the June 16th Washington Health Benefits Exchange meeting with the Exchange’s Agent/Broker Advisory Group raised a number of priority issues for the producer community. The meeting was about the Exchange website and making sure that agents/brokers get credit for bringing business to the Exchange.

2013 June/July LILI Report

LILI 6.5   “In the Beginning…”

What an OUTSTANDING LILI 6.5 which was held at Tri-Cities during the NAIFA Washington State Convention.  This year was about going back to “In the Beginning…” when ALL LILI students had the experience of reading, studying and implementing John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”.

The weather was beautiful as we held our event outdoors on the patio of the Marriott on the banks of beautiful Columbia River in Tri-Cities!

It was an honor to have Thomas “Tom” D. Currey, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, Past NAIFA President as well as one of the founders of the NAIFA Leadership In Life Institute!  Our local Moderators were:  Thomas “Tom” Fowler, CLU, LUTCF, Past NAIFA WA President, Past NAIFA Trustee and first LILI Moderator for NAIFA Washington and  finally, to round out our ‘power line-up of Moderators’ was Scott Fowler of DI Brokers and now current NAIFA Washington Secretary/Treasurer.. 
We had a great time learning about each other and creating a new ‘bond’ between LILI Alumni current and past.  It was great to review the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and take the discussion from that as a student to the next level, how we have incorporated these “21 Laws” into our daily leadership roles within our business, Local NAIFA associations, families, church and communities!

2013 June/July President's Message

“ADVOCATE”   It is just a word, but oh does it have such important meaning.

I’ll come back to that in a few moments. Last month at the State Convention in Richland I was elected your President for the 2013/2014 NAIFA year. I am happy to serve in this capacity and I plan to have a very successful year in several areas but today I am going to speak about advocacy. You might be thinking that has to do with calling, emailing, writing and visiting our state and national legislators. You would be correct most of the time but now I am going to broaden the scope of the word and its significance to our profession, our association and our clients.

NAIFA’s mission statement reads: The mission of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of our members.

NAIFA is using the word advocate as a verb which according to Webster means “to plead in favor of.” Of course we are in favor of and plead for the benefit of our industry and our clients in encouraging positive action from our legislators. But I think it is equally or more important to view the word in its definition as a noun. Webster says: 1. One that pleads the cause of another, specifically one that pleads the cause of another before a tribunal or judicial court. 2. One that defends or maintains a case or proposal. 3. One that supports or promotes the trust of another.

2013 June/July APIC

What is the number one issue we should be discussing with members and non-members alike as we point up the importance of our association and the impact we have?  B & O tax.  Some of the usual objections we get from potential members such as “I don’t sell much life insurance” or  “ I’m primarily an investment advisor” don’t wash.  The B & O tax is an equal opportunity tax for those in our industry.  We are all subject to it and we can’t necessarily pass it on to our clients, not that we’d want to!
Now just how did we manage to defeat a potential 271% increase in the B & O tax?  With a classic grassroots effort, of course!  Our lobbyist put out the call to action, our State advocacy team contacted the local chapters, and the locals contacted their individual members.  In addition, many of us contacted non-members and ask them to voice their concerns to legislators as well.  The end result was Olympia getting a loud and clear message not to increase our taxes.
So what’s on tap for APIC this summer?  Our Congressmen/women will be in district during the month of August for summer recess, and we should continue solidifying our relationships by scheduling meetings to discuss issues and offer to be a resource.  You will receive additional information from me in July.
One final note; we do not have listed contact for our newest congressman, Denny Heck of the 10th district.  Who knows this guy?!  Let your APIC chair know!  NAIFA is relevant and powerful!

Richard L. Miller,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2013 June/July Health & Employee Benefits

Good things come to those who wait... right?

The following are just a few of the issues that need to be addressed before the October open enrollment of the State and Federal Exchanges.

Back in April, HHS released the long awaited proposed rule outlining standards for the navigator program in health insurance exchanges and, as usual, NAHU submitted a comment letter. Earlier this week we received word that the final navigator rule is at the Office of Management and Budget, which is every rule’s last stop before being issued and published in the Federal Registrar.

The proposed rule clarified who may be navigators, outlines navigator duties and proposes conflict of interest and privacy and training standards.

The proposed rule does not apply to traditional agents and brokers, who can choose to still continue to help individual and small-group health insurance consumers, including with exchange purchases under separate rules.  Alternatively, the proposed rule does provide a path for agents and brokers to serve as navigators; however, that path would require a significant change in most agents’ business model, as a producer who opted to become a navigator could not receive any commission or other compensation from a health insurance issuer or stop-loss insurer.

2013 June/July Membership

Just Ask!

Towards the end of the state convention, Kevin asked me to take on the State membership role for next year. I’m currently the south sound’s membership chair. Kevin and I have known each other for over 28 years. So it’s a convenience thing, more than replacing Wayne. Wayne has done an outstanding job and I will be hard-pressed to fill his shoes. Thank you Wayne for your outstanding service!

Our 2014 membership goals will be outlined soon by the state board, but until then you can begin at your local board level building membership.  I’m requesting that when you meet with your local board throughout the year you challenge each board member to bring at least one new member/reinstating a lapsed member into the local this coming year. Our local board is tracking this closely and we expect that everyone “Just Asks” and lead members in membership growth and retention.

“Just Ask” is our 2013-14 recruiting motto.

Be on the lookout for some exciting news about some recognition awards at the state convention for the Top Three locals that have the highest percentage of increase in reported membership by next year convention.

Jim Scott
State Membership Chairman

2013 June/July IFAPAC

Do you celebrate the 4th of July or do you celebrate Independence Day? If you think about it, every other significant day we honor has a name attached to it but we rarely describe the event by the date on a calendar. Societal changes are taking place all around us, often with deleterious effects on values and traditions. Importance of the reason for celebration gets lost when we talk about and make plans based on the date or the day of the week it happens to fall. For example, how many of you remember when we marked Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s birthday? Now we have Presidents Day and young people no longer make the connection to those two very important men in the history of the greatest nation on earth.
Ask your children or grandchildren to tell you about Independence Day. You may open up a “teaching moment” and have to explain what it is. Too many Americans relate to 4th of July as a summer holiday, a time for parades, picnics, BBQ, beach parties and fireworks without pausing to think about and embrace the concept of what makes this country unique among nations of the world. As for me and my house, we celebrate Independence Day. 

You and I are in a profession that celebrates and promotes independence every day we put on our uniform. We discuss self-reliance; providing for and guarding the security of individuals and families through the use of financial products. We create independence for the people we serve; financial independence from the effects of poverty, illness and old age. We must never lose sight of the value we bring to individuals, families and society in general. Ours is a noble profession.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Envelope Please

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NAIFA Washington 2013 Award Recipients
We are coming to you live from the President's Banquet and Awards Ceremony at the 2013 State Convention in beautiful, sunny Tri-Cities!  Join us in congratulating these fine members for their work on behalf of our association, their clients, companies, and communities. 
Retiring RVP Recognition 
These individuals dedicated much of their time in support of the local associations for which they served on behalf of the state.
Scott Fowler (NAIFA Seattle/Eastside)
Roger McDowell, LUTCF (NAIFA Tri-Cities)
Sandra Pulsipher, LUTCF (NAIFA Vancouver/Clark County)
"Step-Up-To-The-Plate" Award
This award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the work they do as a volunteer for this organization.
Sharon Sparling
 Jeff Kyle Agency
NAIFA Northwest 
Young Advisor of the Year
The Young Advisors Team, or YAT for short, consists of NAIFA members who are either 40 years of age or younger or have 5 years or less experience in the insurance and financial services industry.
Michael C. Staeb
 The Staeb Company, LLC dba 5 Brokerage West | 
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside 
Local of the Year
Recognizing the local association who's board of directors and volunteers has performed most admirably over the past year.
NAIFA Tri-Cities
Officers:  President Craig Forman, President-Elect Todd Halterman,
Secretary Miles Gale, and Treasurer Kevin Gunn
Board of Directors:  Jason Hastie, Joseph Peterson, Mark Rogers,
Ryan Sullivan, and Brad Toner | Association Executive:  Roger McDowell
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside
Officers:  President Nate Walters, President-Elect John B. Nichols,
Secretary/Treasurer Michael C Staeb, and Nat'l Committeeperson Scott Fowler
Board of Directors:  Ron Rodgers, Mary Miller, Alex Collins, Coty Thompson, Jody Lentz,Jon Stotesbery, and Carol Parrish | Association Executive:  Jenna Olson
Manager of the Year *NEW*
This awardee exemplifies the qualities of a leader that enhance the careers of the advisors around them.
Craig Forman, CLU, ChFC, CLF
New York Life
NAIFA Tri-Cities
Agent of the Year
This award recognizes an individual who exceeds expectations of what it means to be a NAIFA member and in the past year has gone above and beyond in serving their clients, community, and our association.
Scott Fowler
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside
Lifetime Achievement Award *NEW*
For the first time, NAIFA Washington honors on of it's own for the cumulative work of their career (both professional and volunteer), with inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.
Glenn Stocker, CLU, LUTCF, FICF
 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
NAIFA Central Washington
Congratulations to all these fine recipients!

NAIFA Washington
Jeff Kyle
Outgoing President

Kevin Gleim
Incoming President

John B. Nichols

Scott Fowler

Ralph VanWinkle
National Committeeperson
Linda Fox

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