Thursday, April 11, 2013

2013 April/May Membership Report

It has been a fairly active membership recruiting season for us.  As of today, April 8th, we are just 45 net new members from meeting our goal!  Each of the locals has their own personal goals as well, and several have attained them.  Congratulations to them, but we still have some effort to put forth over the next three months.

So, what to do?  Really, it is easy.  I have forwarded to each local a list of recent members that have lapsed during the past year.  What I have found by calling on them is that many do not even know that they have lapsed, and still hold themselves as a member in good standing!

With these, simply direct them to the website!  There are two buttons at the top of the home page… one is to “RENEW” the other says “JOIN”.  Because I have found that many promises are made but not kept, I stay with them on the phone until the act is done!  Too many times I’ve been promised they’ll do it, but then time slips by and the promise is forgotten.  Stay with them, it works!

There are a total of 107 listed lapses for our association.  If we can get half of them to re-up… we will exceed our goal! 

Another great opportunity is to take advantage of speaking with State Farm and Thrivent agents.  Both of these companies have stepped-up and taken a lead in promoting NAIFA.  I recently took a few mornings and made calls on as many State Farm agencies that I could find within driving distance.  I talked with 11 agencies, and they, as a group, are excited to become a part of NAIFA.  My work was preliminary, and after the effort I turned the names over to the local President for follow-up.

Finally, we all know that the only way to get the “sale” is to ask.  NAIFA couldn’t have made it easier for us.  They have printed material and a website that is informative and easy to use while selling memberships!  Use it!   I will be sending each local Membership Chair or President a packet with a supply of the new “Member Benefits” booklet.  They are a great conversation opener!  Please share them! 

I’ll see you all in The Tri-Cities next month!  Until then… Happy Selling! 

Wayne Lunday, LUTCF, CLU, ChFC
Membership Chair, NAIFA-Washington

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