Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 June/July APIC

What is the number one issue we should be discussing with members and non-members alike as we point up the importance of our association and the impact we have?  B & O tax.  Some of the usual objections we get from potential members such as “I don’t sell much life insurance” or  “ I’m primarily an investment advisor” don’t wash.  The B & O tax is an equal opportunity tax for those in our industry.  We are all subject to it and we can’t necessarily pass it on to our clients, not that we’d want to!
Now just how did we manage to defeat a potential 271% increase in the B & O tax?  With a classic grassroots effort, of course!  Our lobbyist put out the call to action, our State advocacy team contacted the local chapters, and the locals contacted their individual members.  In addition, many of us contacted non-members and ask them to voice their concerns to legislators as well.  The end result was Olympia getting a loud and clear message not to increase our taxes.
So what’s on tap for APIC this summer?  Our Congressmen/women will be in district during the month of August for summer recess, and we should continue solidifying our relationships by scheduling meetings to discuss issues and offer to be a resource.  You will receive additional information from me in July.
One final note; we do not have listed contact for our newest congressman, Denny Heck of the 10th district.  Who knows this guy?!  Let your APIC chair know!  NAIFA is relevant and powerful!

Richard L. Miller,

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