Monday, June 24, 2013

2013 June/July LILI Report

LILI 6.5   “In the Beginning…”

What an OUTSTANDING LILI 6.5 which was held at Tri-Cities during the NAIFA Washington State Convention.  This year was about going back to “In the Beginning…” when ALL LILI students had the experience of reading, studying and implementing John Maxwell’s “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”.

The weather was beautiful as we held our event outdoors on the patio of the Marriott on the banks of beautiful Columbia River in Tri-Cities!

It was an honor to have Thomas “Tom” D. Currey, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, Past NAIFA President as well as one of the founders of the NAIFA Leadership In Life Institute!  Our local Moderators were:  Thomas “Tom” Fowler, CLU, LUTCF, Past NAIFA WA President, Past NAIFA Trustee and first LILI Moderator for NAIFA Washington and  finally, to round out our ‘power line-up of Moderators’ was Scott Fowler of DI Brokers and now current NAIFA Washington Secretary/Treasurer.. 
We had a great time learning about each other and creating a new ‘bond’ between LILI Alumni current and past.  It was great to review the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and take the discussion from that as a student to the next level, how we have incorporated these “21 Laws” into our daily leadership roles within our business, Local NAIFA associations, families, church and communities!

BIG! BIG! “Thank You!” to the 19 LILI Alumni that attended this annual event!  We hope our objectives were met in bringing the Alumni together and enhance the LILI Alumni experience in which they again identify and understand personal characteristics and qualities in order to achieve balance; that Balance that affects every aspect of their lives.  If you missed this year, don’t miss next year!!  Plans are in the making to do something totally ‘out of the box!” 
Attention:  LILI Alumni, time to ‘pay it forward’.  If you know someone who is interested in signing up for our state’s next class, we will be starting it in January 2014.  Now is the time to get an application submitted!  Here is a LINK you can send to any perspective candidate if they want to know more about NAIFA’s Leadership in Life Institute:  

Congratulations to Jeff Kyle, LUTCF, CSA, LTCP, Immediate Past NAIFA Washington President as our 2013-2014 LILI Moderator.   He will attend the Moderator Training in September in San Antonio, Texas!
Finally, time to blow my own horn:  I will be stepping up to be the NAIFA Leadership in Life Institute Chair in September and work with the NAIFA LILI SubCommittee made up of 14 of the most positive, can-do leaders of NAIFA from around the nation as well as conduct the LILI Moderator Training.  I joined the National LILI Sub-Committee 3 years ago and was assigned to Chair the LILI Communications and Marketing Team.  My first duty was to grow the newly launched “LILI Alumni Networks FACEBOOK presence.” This past year we reviewed all LILI marketing materials and made changes in the marketing materials, the website and Moderator Workbooks. Look for our new LOGO at this NAIFA Career Conference!  All our efforts were to make getting to know the NAIFA LILI program more relevant and accessible! 

So…that being said:  “Pay it forward!” to encounter the very best in leadership and personal development thinking and grow our NAIFA Washington LILI leaders.  As Tom Currey said:  “LILI is not a class in leadership…it’s an experience!” 
Sharon L. Sparling
State LILI Chair
Front Row (L/R): Stan Fournier, Monica Ewing, Dave Bailey,
Jeff Kyle, Randy Kimm, Wayne Lunday, Sharon Sparling,
Terri Kutrowski; Second Row (L/R): Alex Collins,
Kay Mielke-Crookshanks, John Nichols, Michael Staeb;
Back Row (L/R): Tom Fowler, Moderator; Guest Moderator 
Past NAIFA President, Tom Currey, founder of LILI,
                                                                                           Jim Penning, Scott Fowler, Moderator, Richard Miller,
Nate Williams and Aaron Lunday

Power Moderaotrs: Tom Currey,
Tom Fowler, Scott Fowler

LILI 6.5 “In the Beginning….” Out on the patio at State Convention in Tri-Cities

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