Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 August/September President's Message

Build Your Profession – Build Your Practice


I know for many of you a lot of time and energy has been spent on preparing for the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts your business as well as those you serve. I hope you know by now that your Association both at the state and national level have been actively involved and will continue to be.

We are in a most noble of profession! We provide financial security and guidance to widows and families. We are there with monthly checks to the disabled. We deliver money to pay for home care for dad so that mom doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting. We keep the family solvent when a serious illness or accident happens. We see to it that the golden years are truly golden. We help plan for college education. The list goes on and on. I challenge you to put serious thought into each of these problems/solutions and how you can better your service. Think of the last time you heard that a family member or friend or client for that matter passed away. Did you get that sinking feeling of “Wow, did they have enough life insurance?” Did you have and give them the opportunity to discuss the financial result of their death for the people left behind? 

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Americans are vastly uninsured and underinsured. Build Your Practice by seeing your existing clients and prospects with a special emphasis on “life insurance for the living.” Remember, “A wife does not know the value of life insurance, only a widow is qualified.” If your counseling skills are a bit rusty, go back to your company provided sales training or LUTC books or contact your local to hold a CE session at a regular meeting. Better yet, get other Reps together to hold LUTC classes. There is no better way to learn sales skills than LUTC. If you have trouble locating the right person, contact me. I’ll get you to them.

We as the premier Professional Association for Insurance and Financial Advisors are strong, solvent and viable. We do have room for improvement though in that we need to grow our numbers to have a bigger impact on legislators. The benefits we provide to the public are and will continue to be under watch and even attack for tax revenue. So please Build your Profession by asking other insurance agents and financial advisors to join you in paying dues for the benefits of membership they are currently enjoying. There are 300,000 Reps enjoying benefits of NAIFA but less than 50,000 are paying dues. Get them in and get them to local meetings and involved from the start. This improves the odds of them staying. Make sure they put your name down as sponsoring agent so you can get credit for them.

Coming soon are details of new member challenge and reward that you won’t want to miss.
Kevin Gleim, LUTCF, FICF
NAIFA-Washington President



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