Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 October/November APIC

At a recent local NAIFA function, I was asked to say a few words regarding my involvement with NAIFA; specifically, why I am a member.  Seems like a pretty straight-forward question and answer.  Here’s the problem; I’m preaching to the choir.  If I were speaking to a group of non-members maybe my comments would be more impactful.  The reality is that there is nothing I’ve said that our local membership hasn’t heard before.  I decided to approach it differently. 
Just like handling an objection before the prospect or client brings it up, a pre-emptive strike so to speak, I acknowledged that there were those among us who have questioned the value of their membership, or will question it sometime in the future.  The reason I continue my membership is not because of meetings, CE, camaraderie, or any of the other legitimate reasons that a member will cite.  I’m a member because of my core belief that I am protecting my chosen career by contributing to the viability of our association.  I couldn’t possibly afford to hire a lobbyist or a team of attorneys to represent me so that I can continue working in the industry, unless I have the economies of scale that association membership provides.

It would be great to inspire people to join us, and maybe guilt works with some, but how about an appeal to common sense?  We can’t do this by ourselves and they (non-members) can’t survive without us. We all know a non-member or an unengaged existing member.  APIC is a great example of our strength in numbers.  Getting involved at a grass roots level is what we do.  Member and non-member alike; we need each other. That’s APIC!  

Richard l. Miller, CLU, ChFC, CASL, LUTCF
APIC Chair

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  1. As usual, your approach makes sense and is duplicatable by every member of NAIFA.
    Richard Ek