Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 October/November Professional Development

Exciting News!!!  The American College has updated and reinvigorated what we have all come to know as the LUTCF/FSS designations!  Due to the changing sociological environment that we live in, new classes have been developed to assist the Agent/Producer to be better equipped to help society in these dynamic times.  The new designation is “Financial Services Certified Professional” or FSCP. 

For those who hold the LUTCF, there are steps to update and add this new certification.  If you are content to hold the LUTCF, you need do nothing.   If you are currently pursuing the LUTCF designation, and you want to complete it, you can do that too.  Plus, if you want to Transition from the already completed courses over to the new designation, you are given that option too.  Nothing has been taken off the table; only new more relevant classes have been added to the curriculum. 
The American College has a great FAQ section that will address virtually any question you have, specific to your circumstances.  I wouldn’t wait to go check it out, as some actions may be needed before January 1st to seize the opportunity.

Group study within your local association is always encouraged and simple to facilitate.  Call NAIFA National, for direction; but if you want to go it alone, there are self study options.  Finally, if you need some discipline, and your local isn’t creating a class for you, join a class online.  None of this is complicated, just take a few moments and open your eyes to the opportunities.  If you need some specific help getting a class started, call me.  I would be happy to get your association in motion!!!

For those wishing to transition their LUTCF designation to the new FSCP, it can be done with an 8 week webinar, and an examination at the end. 

Roger McDowell, LUTCF, Professional Development Chair

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