Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 December President's Message

Integrity, Honesty, Commitment and Service

These are just a few qualities that can be used to describe NAIFA members and how they run their business. NAIFA members believe that what they do really does make a difference in the lives of their clients and our society as well. If you are reading this you know what I mean and you live by them. You also make the commitment via your dues to promote these values within our profession as well as with our legislators. For this I commend you and thank you! This is a great organization and will continue to thrive, but only with your continued support and recruitment of new members as well as keeping the members we have. Together we can make great things happen.

Our winter Board Meeting took place December 9 in Dupont to conduct Association business and build stronger relationships. Mel Sorensen, our Lobbyist presented the latest information on the Healthcare Act and some things to look out for down the road. You will get timely information regarding topics of concern, possibly needing your attention and action. Our special guest was Jill Judd, newly elected NAIFA Trustee from California. She is assigned to our state and made a presentation from the National Board as well as giving valued input. Your Board is made up of officers, vice presidents, committee chairs and local association presidents, all volunteers – all committed to preserving our great profession. I believe we are called to this profession. I believe that any agent or representative that does what we do just for the money will not last, or at least not very happily. We are rewarded with the satisfaction of truly helping our clients to be in a better financial position after working with us and knowing they are prepared when tragedy or retirement happens.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 2013 Advocacy

NAIFA Washington “Day on the Hill” 2014

“Day on the Hill” is scheduled January 21st in Olympia.   When it comes to political advocacy and protecting the interests of its members, NAIFA is one of the best in the business.  Our many successes have hinged on NAIFA Washington's favorable relationships with their legislators.

Challenges remain to bring the uninsured Washingtonians into the system and to reduce the high cost of health care for everyone.  We will have an update from the CEO of the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.

2013 December IFAPAC

There are no shortcuts

Brian Tracy said, "There are no shortcuts. To be a big success, start a little earlier, work a little harder and stay a little later." 

In the world of sales we are playing in the major leagues. We are still here because we didn't seek shortcuts.  We sell a product that is for the most part invisible, without an aroma, taste or feel. We work in an environment akin to the Great Wallendas; without a safety net. We survive and prosper by working hard and smart, beginning early and finishing later than most others. We have learned that work spares us from three great evils; Boredom, Vice and Need.