Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 May/June IFAPAC

In the late 18th century, Catherine the Great of Russia announced she would tour the southern part of her empire, accompanied by several foreign ambassadors. The governor of the area, Grigory Potemkin, desperately wanted to impress these visitors. And so he went to remarkable lengths to showcase the country’s accomplishments.

For part of the journey, Catherine floated down the Dnieper River, proudly pointing out to the ambassadors the thriving hamlets along the shore, filled with industrious and happy townspeople. There was only one problem: it was all for show. It is said that Potemkin had assembled pasteboard facades of shops and homes. He had even positioned busy-looking peasants to create the impression of a prosperous economy. Once the party disappeared around the bend of the river, Potemkin’s men packed up the fake village and rushed it downstream in preparation for Catherine’s next pass.

Although modern historians have questioned the truthfulness of this story, the term “Potemkin village” has entered the world’s vocabulary. It now refers to any attempt to make others believe we are better than we really are.

2015 May/June President Elect


The world is constantly changing.  These changes may be large or small, for better or worse.  Change can be good and change can be scary, however one thing I know is there will always be change.
NAIFA has undergone many changes since I became a member in 1998.  We have seen changes in our name (formerly NALU), local and national leadership, membership participation, dues increases, and various member benefits.  However, throughout those years of change there have been a few things that have remained constant.  First and foremost, the emphasis that we work in a noble profession, where we help millions of people every day.   We help families identify and protect against the risks and uncertainty that life can provide.  Second, our industry and the services that we provide are constantly under attack by government entities that are seemingly out of our control.  And lastly, NAIFA members like to have fun while giving back to their industry .