Monday, July 27, 2015

2015 July/August Professional Development

The new NAIFA  year brings some new educational opportunities with it.   As a fundamental principle of NAIFA, education is a key component of being successful.  I encourage you to form a class in the New Year, to help foster engagement within your local membership, especially the new YAT members.

The New LUTCF designation and curriculum has been built and classes have begun.  Continue your education and develop yourself by getting this designation first.  A great way to meet other NAIFA members, by engaging in classes that better everyone!

Due to the changing sociological environment that we live in, new classes have been developed to assist the Agent/Producer to be better equipped to help society in these dynamic times.  The new designation is “Financial Services Certified Professional” or FSCP. 
Group study within your local association is always encouraged and simple to facilitate.  Call NAIFA National, for direction; there are only a couple of quick steps to get rolling.  If you’ve found that your local doesn’t have enough people signing up for a class, they may still want to go it alone.  For them, there is a self study option, like joining  an class online.  If you need some specific help getting a class started, call me.  I would be happy to get your association in motion!!!

The latest news is that the LUTCF designation is not going away completely, only back to the shop for a tune up.  The Professional Development department in conjunction with The American College is going to re-launch the LUTCF designation in mid-2015 with new curriculum content. 

Presidents, don’t forget that this is a revenue source for your local association.  You are paid a fee per participant in these classes at the completion of the course.

Good Luck and make a great learning year!!

Roger McDowell, LUTCF
Professional Development Chair

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