Monday, September 21, 2015

2015 September/October LILI

Leadership In Life Institute – Take the Challenge!

Success  is in the air…the LILI Class 2015 will be holding their third session this month!  The feedback has been so positive from the 7 students enrolled.  Great News!! John Nichols is serving as our 2015 LILI Apprentice and has enrolled in the Moderator Training being held in New Orleans.  John will be next year’s Moderator and I will be co-moderating with him!!!  
Are you ready to take on the challenge that the Leadership in Life Institute has to offer?   We’re in the process of opening registration for the LILI Class of 2016!!

What Will You Gain as a NAIFA LILI Graduate?
1.    Creative and effective methods to develop and execute a business plan
2.    Tools and techniques that enhance your practice
3.    Increased productivity
4.    Enhanced personal vision and mission statements and guiding principles
5.    Improved professional and personal relationships
6.    Increased understanding of one's self
7.    Long-lasting bonds with classmates and LILI Alumni

Requirements for LILI
1.    NAIFA Member
2.    Attend six one-day sessions
3.    Complete required assignments
4.    Commit to two years of service as a NAIFA Leader
5.    Pay student tuition ($800 for 2016 / Approach your local for a scholarship or registration sharing!)
6.    Be prepared to mentor and leave a leadership legacy

The class is limited to only 8 students and I’ve been told 4 are interested in registering already!  Please note, the class is only open to NAIFA members (ALL members):  those in a current leadership position at the local/state level and those that are not but want to take their business to the next level and commit two years of service to NAIFA    If you’re interested in the LILI Class 2016, please complete the application and return to me as soon as possible. 

Click here for the application link

The expected start date will be determined by when the class is filled and by those participating.  There’s a lot here but I think it’s important for you to know so you can make your decision to join the over 2000 LILI graduates around the country.  Remember the class is limited to only 8 students so get your application in ASAP!

If you have any questions or wish to discuss, please contact me at (360) 708-3210 or email me at

Sharon L. Sparling
Past NAIFA LILI Subcommittee Chair
Current 2015 LILI Moderator

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