Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 March/April Professional Development

Are you truly wanting to build your practice and your Business?  Well, if you are, you should be seriously considering this dynamic program that has recently been developed for you by NAIFA. ADVISOR 2020 is at your finger tips, see for yourself.

The success of financial advisors of the future will lie in their ability to redefine and reinvent the value they bring to their clients in the face of changing market and financial forces over the next six years, according to a new book published by the GAMA Foundation and sponsored by NAIFA.

The book presents two research studies conducted independently and simultaneously “to help advisors evolve into the faster, more flexible and more value-laden profession that the world of 2020 will require,” according to Advisor 2020.

2016 March/April Sponsorship

During our annual day on the hill in January we were excited to receive cash contributions towards our Sponsorship budget to help run the administrative side of NAIFA Washington. We received an overwhelming response with over $2,100 from the following people that we would like to say THANK YOU to:

Randy Castro    
Scott Rouse
Don Coplin
Jeff Johnson
Mark Ingersol
David Preston
James Penning
Monica Ewing
Sarah Fisher
Catherine Merz
Curtis Vaniman
A1 Capital LLC
James Johnson
Dennis Brumbaugh
James Scott
Chris Wertenberger
Wayne Lunday
Scott Fowler
Steven Good
John Nichols
Keith Wallace

NAIFA-Washington appreciates YOU!!!

Keith Wallace
Sponsorship Chairman

2016 March/April IFAPAC

Men and women of NAIFA, lend me your ears (or eyes in this case) for I have something of great importance to pass along: NAIFA protects your business. That’s right, NAIFA protects your business when you aren’t even thinking about the professional association. No matter if you are selling life only, life and health, disability income, Medicare plans, group or financial plans – NAIFA is working for you.

We are in a fight for our livelihoods with the Department of Labor regarding their proposed “fiduciary” rule and we must have your support in this battle! Each year, new tax proposals threaten your products and business and ONLY NAIFA protects both! IFAPAC dollars allow us to educate members of Congress and legislators in Olympia and we need your help! It’s an election year and many legislators need our support on the state level as well as on the federal level. We urge every member to contribute something – is $8.50 per month going to hurt? That makes you a Century Club contributor.

2016 March/April Convention

How many of you have already signed-up for the convention, golf and river cruise?  Your attendance and participation in the annual convention is also a big help to the association!

We have tons of great stuff to offer… from the exhibitors and sponsors to CE to NAIFA National President Jules Gaudreau to our two National Trustees to Jennifer Alford, the YAT of the year for NAIFA National last year to Bill Bryant, the GOP candidate for Governor of Washington (not a stump speech though) and an update from Mel.

Did I mention we have lots of sponsors and exhibitors that expect us to fill the room?