Monday, April 4, 2016

2016 March/April Convention

How many of you have already signed-up for the convention, golf and river cruise?  Your attendance and participation in the annual convention is also a big help to the association!

We have tons of great stuff to offer… from the exhibitors and sponsors to CE to NAIFA National President Jules Gaudreau to our two National Trustees to Jennifer Alford, the YAT of the year for NAIFA National last year to Bill Bryant, the GOP candidate for Governor of Washington (not a stump speech though) and an update from Mel.

Did I mention we have lots of sponsors and exhibitors that expect us to fill the room?

Please sign up!  Call the Hotel and rent your room ASAP.  Only two months away!

Share this in your agencies.  In your local associations.  With your friends that maybe are not NAIFA (yet) but would benefit from this conference!  Please do it right away!  And often!  Keep asking!

This is one of the most challenging and beautiful golf courses in the NW.  Which means it is one of the best in the World! 

For those of you that attended the state board meeting two weeks ago… there was a commitment to have 42 delegates register JUST FROM OUR LOCAL BOARDS!  Are they all signed up yet?  Please check. 

OK… I’m running out of ink, so you all get the point! 

Wayne Lunday  
Committee co-chair

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