Friday, June 3, 2016

2016 May/June Convention Roundup

Our 2016 State Convention, chaired by new incoming State Secretary-Treasurer Wayne Lunday ably assisted by hard working State Executive Secretary Jenna Olson, was a smashing success, with these highpoints:

* First time ever a joint convention with the great state of Oregon held at the fabulous Skamania Lodge on the Columbia River Gorge.

*Over 150 attendees and guests, 19 exhibitors, and 10 sponsorsMore on the financials later, but it appears to be a profitable success as well.

*Major news from Washington D.C. in a hard hitting address by NAIFA National President Jules Gaudreau, Jr., especially on the Dept of Labor Fiduciary Regulation and Advisor 20/20 - our roadmap to future success.

*Fantastic presentation by “Forbes” Columnist, independent consultant, and Attorney Steve Parrish, JD, CLU, ChFC on how to stay relevant in this day and age - with many new ideas for helping business owners and executives with their planning.

*A four hour sternwheeler cruise up the Columbia River, a guided motorcar tour of several working wineries with wine tasting, and a joint golf tournament - the winning foursome led by our own newly installed President Neal Kloke!

*A presentation by our National Trustees Tom Michel (Oregon) and Aprilyn Chavez Geissler (Washington) on a proposed $6.00 per member per month dues investment to help National provide more assistance to states and local, to build more resources for education, to research more non-dues reserve sources, and to continue the fight against intrusive government regulators seeking to put you out of business.

*Last year NAIFA spent over $800,000 in outside attorneys and consultants just in fighting the Dept of Labor Fiduciary Regulation.  While we succeeded in greatly watering it down, we can guarantee that they will be back next year.

*We learned that as a result of this DOL Fiduciary Rule, State Farm Insurance may drop all sales of variable and securities based products in January 2017.  They have 30,000 agents and employees with securities licenses - many may be out of work.

*The Board of Directors, consisting of your State officers, Regional Vice-Presidents, and local Presidents, along with the delegate council, voted to endorse a resolution in support of the proposed dues investment increase.

*Neal's President’s Retreat will be held on Friday August 5th - 10am-4pm.  All chairmen, officers, RVP’s and local presidents are invited.  Place TBA
*Nationwide there is keen interest in forming “Lean Locals” or Hybrid Locals - local associations who satellite onto a larger local or state associations, get support, but  do not have to have officers on conduct board meetings.  They can meet informally to network as they wish.  It is our hope that we may be able to relieve the stress on some of our more rural locals who have smaller membership that is more widely scattered.  Stay tuned!

            *Election results for 2016-2017:
                        President - Neal Kloke
                        President Elect - Stephen Good
                        Secretary-Treasurer - Wayne Lunday
                        Immediate Past President - Scott Fowler
                        National Committeeman - Jeff Kyle

                        Agent/Man of the Year - Randy Kimm
                        Step up to the Plate Award - Lisa Kruckeberg
                        Rising Star - Chris Wertenberger
                        Lifetime Achievement Award - Alan Zalewski
                        YAT of the Year - Ryan Jewell  

            *Most interesting Man in the World - John Nichols


*President Scott Fowler’s wife Julie is a darn good soccer player

*His kids get room service - anything they want while Dad is in meetings

*Lisa Kruckeberg brought her fiance Mike to the convention.  (He proposed on the 50 Yard Line of the Seahawks-Steelers game -- Sweet!) He didn’t get scared off - you’ve got a “Keeper”, Lisa!  Best wishes to the happy couple who marry in less than 3 weeks.

*Most Interesting Man in the World, John Nichols, continues to provide his own famous blendings of various Scotches.  Good stuff.  That’s about all I remember...

Al Zalewski, CLU, ChFC

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