Thursday, February 2, 2017

2017 January/February President's Message

Embracing Change?
After our last board meeting in October 2016 we created a “NAIFA Steering Committee” to evaluate, strategize and discuss impactful change that would attract new members, retain current members and keep members involved in their local associations and communities.
After a handful of phone conferences, the Steering committee came up with the idea of the “One Washington Initiative” to help Unify, Simplify and Energize our membership.
The committee felt it would be more efficient to brand our membership more consistently as one unified NAIFA Washington. 
The committee felt it would be more efficient to simplify the governance requirement by reducing or eliminating the individual local association’s legal obligations, freeing up local resources to focus on more important events or projects.  Get more by asking less of current membership.
The committee felt preservation of identity in local associations was necessary for programs, participation and membership growth.
The NAIFA One Washington Initiative was outlined and discussed with your local leadership that were in attendance at the State Board Meeting on January 25th in Olympia WA.  Please contact your local leadership to learn more about the proposed Initiative.
If you have further questions please contact Jenna Olson our State Executive and she will have one of the Steering Committee leaders reach out to you.

Thank you!
Neal Kloke
President WA State

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  1. What I like about this idea is that each Chapter would retain their signature events. It feels like to me that we may even have greater participation in each of these events as we will be more connected.