Saturday, April 8, 2017

2017 Professional Development

Has this core tenant of NAIFA been replaced?  Has the ease of signing onto a computer to try and short cut a CE course become the new normal?  Is meeting with others to gain a better understanding of business and insurance concepts just an old school idea?
When one becomes a competent Agent, it isn’t because they passed their Life and Health exam, no that’s just the beginning.  Did you ever participate in the LUTC series of classes?  Maybe skipping into the CLU and American College program of self-study? 
American’s want their Agents and Registered Representatives to be credentialed.  This gives them the confidence that at least you have put in the effort to become an expert, not just a conscious incompetent.  Do you go to a bookkeeper to do your taxes, or do you use a CPA?  Do you prefer a nurse over a highly credentialed Physician to supervise your health?
It all depends on how you see yourself I guess, but if you want to increase your competency and your earnings, I would hope that you embrace the concept of being a lifelong learner.  I would argue that students that go to class and participate in discussion about the lessons they are studying, will gain far more from the experience.  However, I am very disappointed that we have very few classes active in our State.  I’m happy to see some taking advantage of the on-line courses offered for LUTCF, but they would most likely benefit so much more in a regular classroom.  Plus, they’d be able to get to know other agents in their area that they can learn and grow their business with.  Perhaps build alliances with, or referral networks with.  Encourage your local leadership to start classes and gain from this experience.
LILI is currently the only course that participates actively in the State.  A great program that everyone should be encouraged to participate in.  I only hope that in the future, we can find enthusiasm for developing the knowledge of insurance agents through the LUTC courses.  If you want to see the industry from the non-carrier perspective, take the classes, it will help to open your mind.  If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it well.
Best of luck to all of you in your futures as successful insurance agents, it’s a great and empowering career.
Roger McDowell, LUTCF
Professional Development Chair

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