Monday, December 17, 2012

President's Message (Newsletter 2012-12)

Welcome fellow NAIFA Participants to this quarter’s newsletter! I will keep my article short as there are so many others with great info and exciting news to report to you! I’d like to start by reporting that we’ve just completed an audit of the state books and all is in order! Thank you Linda (met with CPA), Cheryl (advised Linda) and Glenn (found the CPA who generously donated his time and know how)!

Also, a huge “Atta Boy” to Michael Staeb as he continues to put together the State web site, sites for locals who choose to participate in the constant contact program, has changed the “face” of our State e-mails, given us a presence on Facebook and is looking into other cutting edge means of communications to help Brand NAIFA Washington and help us to simply communicate our message more effectively and efficiently!

Last month I visited the Seattle/Eastside meeting and witnessed an AMAZING feat! In about 30 minutes time they raised $5,000 for IFAPAC! Way to go Alex Collins, Richard Ek and Paul Adams! Anyone up for a challenge?

As we continue into the Holidays and New Year we have much to consider! We enjoy this time with family
and friends, we travel, we exchange gifts, we have many traditions we hold dear. Please, let’s not forget
that no matter what our personal challenges are, there are those who are either less fortunate than us and may not have a nice meal, a warm or even safe place to rest their head. There are also those who live far away from their families in service to their country! Let’s also remember those Patriots as well!

Lastly, as we ready ourselves for a new year, 2013, these next few weeks would be an appropriate time to write out your goals, to update your business plan. Those who write them down and systematically pursue them as well as periodically re-evaluate them are MUCH more likely to attain them!

Have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Written by Jeff Kyle, President

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