Tuesday, February 12, 2013

2013 February - APIC

Richard Ek, Alex Collins, and I traveled to Washington DC on January 28-29 to attend the annual APIC/IFAPAC training and Day on Capitol Hill.  The primary focus for APIC was the continuing development of relationships with legislators, regardless of political affiliation. An example of the importance of these relationships is the repeal of The Class Act.  The Class Act was the federal government’s ill-conceived foray into the long term care market.  It is the only part of the Affordable Care Act that has been repealed, and the repeal is a direct result of NAIFA efforts and influence.

In addition to the training, our team met with the staff members of five legislators; three Congressmen/women and both Senators.  Among other things we learned that developing relations with key staff members may be more important than actually meeting with the legislator.  All of the staff members were receptive to our issues, invited our input and agreed to stay in communication with us going forward.

NAIFA National has a goal of 1000 members descending on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC for the Congressional Fly-In April 8-9 to discuss tax reform.  It was reported that 16 members of NAIFA WA are registered to attend the fly-in, including one YAT - we need at least one more YAT! While there are no bills currently pending that would be adverse to our industry, there are sure to be proposals that target us, as 1/3 of all tax expenditures are related to products we market to our clients.  We want to be out in front and proactive. Lastly, if you live in the district of a key legislator your State APIC Chair will be in contact soon to request your support.

Richard L. Miller, State APIC Chair

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