Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2013 February President's Message

Greetings NAIFA Participants! I am SO excited as I write this! We have a LOT of great things happening on the State level…because great things are happening at the local levels! My question is…Who is going to be Local of the Year this year? Who is going to be Agent/Member of the Year? How about Y.A.T. of the Year? I want you to make it really tough on me! Have pride in your local…and in your own individual service! We will find out the answer to these and many more questions at the 2013 State Convention in May!

For those of you who made it to the Day on the Hill, I am so proud of you all! We had record attendance, record participation and record profit! Don’t stop there! Continue to communicate with your legislators, continue to meet with them and build meaningful relationships with them…NO MATTER their politics! A super big shout out to Sharon Sparling for putting on a superb event! Also,a big thanks to Chris Free and NAHU for their attendance and participation!

Please be sure to block out May 15th-17 on your calendars! Convention in the Sunshine this year!! Craig Foreman and the Tri-Cities local are busily preparing an incredible experience for our annual business meeting and sales conference (convention)! Please keep checking the web site as registration will begin soon! Here will be incredible “Top of the Table” speakers, more first time events, LILI Alumni Event and SO much more. Also, Local leadership…don’t forget that Thursday the 16th will be your LSP (Leadership Success Planning). If there’s any one thing to invest in within the locals is the continuing leadership! Again…get used to checking the website for all events local & state! Radical Leadership – Radical Sacrifice!

There will be a LILI class this year and we only have three more openings, so please hurry and register so you can secure your spot. Contact Sharon Sparling at and she can give you all the details! Again, investing in leadership is the responsibility of every local! Those of you who were at last year’s convention KNOW how fun and exciting it was! I promise that this year will be more, bigger, better than last year! Do NOT miss this one…or you WILL be sorry! I look forward to seeing each of you there!

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