Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take Part In Your Organization!

As you read this I know you are a paid NAIFA member and I appreciate you. Maintaining you membership in our fine professional organization is of the utmost importance, especially now with the financial state of the United States. Our voice as a Federation as well as each of us individually carries weight with our legislators. Please continue to or begin to contribute to IFAPAC as well. This is our lobbying arm that must be maintained and enhanced.   As I’m sure is mentioned elsewhere we had a very successful Day On The Hill in Olympia January 29. Kudos to Mel Sorensen, Sharon Sparling and Drew Hooper for a job well done.

As your President Elect I would like to ask you to consider attending our state convention in Tri Cities May 15-17. Look for registration information soon. Be a part of the business of NAIFA as well as learning from the likes of Tom Hegna.

And I urge you to do two other things for the good of the organization and the industry. When you learn of a fellow NAIFA member leaving the organization talk him or her into staying, or get them back. If you need help just ask your leadership.  And just as important please ask someone to be a NAIFA member. If each member brought in just one new member our number would double. I firmly believe each and every one of you has the ability to bring in a new member or more for that matter.

This brings me to a recent experience and notice. Today I met with Gerry Moody of State Farm in Puyallup. Gerry has been with State Farm for nearly 31 years and has a very successful business with a few thousand households he serves. He became a new NAIFA member today – thank you Gerry. He is an LUTCF, CLU and ChFC. He needs and wants help with providing more service to his clients in the life and disability area to include long term care and annuities as well.  He wants to bring into his practice an experienced life agent to work his book of business. If I wasn’t so happy where I am I would be interested – lots of opportunity! If you know of someone interested have them call Gerry at 253 841-3746.

Go and serve your clients well.

Kevin Gleim
President Elect

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