Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 April/May President's Message

Hello fellow participants in “cause” of NAIFA! We are in the last quarter of our fiscal year now and with that winding down one “administration” and gearing up for another! Lots happening in my last 3 months as your servant leader! Along with a tremendous Convention Host Committee (NAIFA Tri-Cities), I have been preparing, what I believe to be the most powerful, relevant and fun State Convention in recent history…possibly EVER! Our lineup of speakers is unmatched and it will be warm & sunny!! I’ve already pre-arranged that one with Craig Forman, so if for any reason it’s not…you can blame him! I, for one, will not even bring a rain jacket!
Last month WE participated in a tremendous battle over a State government’s insatiable appetite for our tax dollars with a proposed and unprecedented B&O tax increase of 271% against the agent/producer community! Alongside of WAHU, PIA, the big I, through a coordinated and well responded to effort of e-mails, faxes and phone calls coupled with testimonies given before the House Finance Committee, WE made a difference, our VOICE was heard. Yes I said voice not voices! They heard a singular message with a singular voice and it made a difference! We must now stand at the ready during the “special session”…which happens after every regular session…which to me, makes it NOT SO SPECIAL! They may try to sneak this back into some other piece of legislation, so Mel Sorenson is on the lookout for us. If he gives us the word again, we will need to show them we meant NO the first time and it’s still a big, fat, stinking NO! Nuff said, stay vigilant, stay strong!
Lastly, we have about 6 weeks left and we are down on our membership! If you believe in NAIFA and the cause of NAIFA (Guarding Family Security), then prove it! Sponsor one new member by June 15th!! Most every local and certainly the State Association would earn the coveted Jack E. Bobo award EVERY year if we could only meet our membership goals! Help your Local to earn that prestigious honor and be recognized at the National Convention in San Antonio, Texas!
I look forward to seeing you all May 15-17th! Be ready…it’s gunna ROCY YOUR WORLD!!

Jeff Kyle, LUTCF, LTCP, LILI Graduate

2011-2013 NAIFA Washington State President 

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