Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 August/September IFAPAC

Pay It Forward
Pay it forward is a term describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor. The concept is old, but the phrase may have been coined by Lily Hardy Hammond in her 1916 book In the Garden of Delight. She wrote, “You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.”

The phrase is even older than that. Pay it forward was used as a key plot in the play by Menander, Dyskolos (a title which can be translated as “The Grouch”). Dyskolos was a prizewinning play in ancient Athens in 317 BC; however, the text of the play was lost and it was not re-published until 1957.  The concept was rediscovered and described by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Benjamin Webb dated April 25, 1784: “I do not pretend to give such a deed; I only lend it to you. When you meet another honest Man in similar Distress, you must pay me by lending this Sum to him; enjoining him to discharge the Debt by a like operation, when he shall be able, and shall meet with another opportunity. I hope it may thus go thro’ many hands…This is a trick of mine for doing a deal of good with a little money.”

Some of you reading this are “paying it forward” in a couple of ways. For one, you give of your means to the political action committee connected to the premier association for professional insurance and financial advisors – NAIFA. Your contribution is combined with those of others to protect this noble profession and preserve the ability to help our fellow man solve the financial problems of life. Second, many of you have asked other agents to join you in the effort by recruiting them as contributors to the PAC. You are paying it forward and we thank you for that.

Time for an “atta boy” to all those who responded to the “100% back in July” promotion we ran. Thanks to all those who continued their monthly PAC contributions and a special thanks to those who stepped forward to write a separate check during the month of July. For the month of July 2013 NAIFA set aside the usual 50-50 split rule and returned 100% of all political contributions to NAIFA WA. Final reports are not yet published but it appears we doubled the normal contributions made in a month. This means we will have a jump start of the “war chest“that will be used in the coming 2014 election cycle. ATTA BOY! ATTA GIRL!

Remember the words of Benjamin Franklin, “…doing a deal of good with a little money.” That’s what we do with our $10 per month contribution to IFAPAC; we do a deal of good with a little money. Equally important is that when we meet another honest man or woman in this business you enjoin them to do likewise. There is much to do and we need to “enjoin” as many agents as possible to participate. Use the IFAPAC forms in this newsletter to Pay It Forward.
Richard Ek, LUTCF
State IFAPAC Chairman

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