Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2013 August/September APIC

It is summer recess and most congressmen/women are currently in district.  If you are an APIC contact for your local association, or involved in a key position such as President or National Committee person, you have received two email reminders in the last few weeks from yours truly asking you to set up a face-to-face meeting with your representative or a staff member for the purposes of reinforcing NAIFA’s position on tax reform.  To date I have had two responses regarding meetings with legislators; NAIFA-Snohomish and NAIFA- Tri-Cities.
It is particularly important to contact and meet with legislators who sit on key committees. Four of our Congressmen/women serve on key committees; Cathy McMorris-Rodgers, 5th district, Energy & Commerce; Jim McDermott, 7th district, Ways & Means; Dave Reichert, 8th district, Ways & Means; and Denny Heck, 10th district, Financial Services. These committees and the decisions they make directly impact our industry, the clients we serve, and the legislator’s constituents.

Remember to stick with NAIFA's talking points regarding tax reform and how it will negatively impact constituents.  Resist the urge to veer off into other topics.  Also, don’t be bothered by a legislator who may be perceived as having a view contrary to yours or the association.  You are not debating them; rather you are informing them.  Stay above the fray!  Lastly, report your efforts to the APIC chair; Me!!  Thank you for your participation.
Richard L. Miller
State APIC Chairman

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