Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 September/October IFAPAC

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


HIPAA who?

Sorry, I can’t tell you.

We all deal with HIPAA even if you don’t sell health insurance. But you are involved in health insurance, at least tangentially. Your kids, your clients, your friends and neighbors are buying it. They must buy something. It’s the law. They are either paying portion of the premium under an employer plan or buying health insurance on their own. And it isn’t a simple purchase. You are probably getting questions about how to determine which plan to buy and how it all works. The [un]Affordable Care Act is an enormous and multi-tentacle law that reaches into the pocketbook of every business, every home and every individual. And we are closing in on the open enrollment for 2015 that runs November 15 to February 15, 2015.

Do you know that NAIFA is working at the Federal and State level to iron out the problems in the ACA?

 In addition to protecting the integrity of life insurance and other products you may sell, NAIFA is everywhere. Our lobbyist, Mel Sorensen, is in “Ulcer Gulch” every day when the legislature is in Olympia. He runs a daily schedule that is as busy and harried as a hospital intern. NAIFA has also been successful in Washington D.C. on the front lines of the struggles between our industry and government. A government that would just as soon remove our profession from the rolls of the gainfully employed. Without the efforts of NAIFA and other invested associations to explain our value to the constituents of legislators we could be in real trouble. And it takes financial support to get the work done.

Thanks to the NAIFA members who contribute to the Political Action Committee IFAPAC. We appreciate your help in assuring that ALL producers have representation in Olympia and Washington D.C.. We look to the others in NAIFA to join the effort to represent our interests with the powers to be. Join IFAPAC with a $10 per month EFT. If that small amount is an insult, then make it $25 per month. We need your help! There is an IFAPAC enrollment form in this newsletter. Do it. Do it now.

Richard Ek

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