Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 September/October LUTC

The new LUTCF course curriculum is slated to open for registration beginning after the first of the year.  The actual courses will begin in July 2015. This curriculum has been totally restructured, and only requires 3 classes for the designation.  The cost will be different for members verses non-members, and yes a Revenue sharing will be in place.  If a moderated class is done, the Association will receive 5% of total tuition.  If an individual takes the class online, a 1% revenue share will occur.  These courses will be more expensive than before, but will cover more material.  If you earned your designation with 5 classes, you will have spent roughly the same amount for the new three course program.

This should allow students the ability to earn the designation quicker, but the courses will be a bit tougher.  Start planning to host a class and make your local association so money, along with building that core principal of your NAIFA Membership...Education!  If you aren't keeping your education up, you will become irrelevant.

Roger McDowell, LUTCF
LUTC Chairman

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