Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 September/October Professional Development

NAIFA Prospecting Program

NAIFA Washington is constantly exploring ways to effectively and efficiently deliver value to its members.  In the past we have presented fantastic speakers, continuing education credits and learning experiences through our Financial Service Forum.  Unfortunately, many of our members were not able to take advantage of these great programs due to location and logistics.  This year we have an exciting new program that will take the place of the Financial Service Forum, and deliver a fantastic learning opportunity that is web based and will allow you to take advantage of this program at your own pace.  Chris Carlson will be moderating our first program:

Introducing NAIFA Washington’s Coaching Series:

Prospecting Through Positioning

Fill Your Pipeline With Great Opportunities

The challenge almost every agent and advisor has when it comes to prospecting is getting through the thousands of marketing messages your prospects receive each day.  In order for your prospecting methods to have a chance at success, it is critical that you establish credibility with your prospect.

This course is designed for agents and advisors who want to become more effective in having their prospecting messages received on a favorable basis.  The course will teach you how to use the most effective tools and methods to fill your pipeline with qualified opportunities.  Highlights of the program include:

·         Prospecting through Publishing, Speaking and Referrals

·         Learn the latest techniques and technologies in these 3 areas

·         13 Week Course

·         Weekly On-Line Lessons (watch at your convenience)

·         2 Webinars

·         Email access to a professional development coach

The cost to participate in this program will be $99 for NAIFA-WA members and $129 for non-members.   Additional discounts are available for agencies and offices that guarantee 5 or more participants.

The introductory email will go out on October 13th, with a projected start date of October 20th.

To register please go to:

Thank You,
Scott Fowler

NAIFA-WA President Elect

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