Friday, April 10, 2015

2015 March/April National Committeeman



                   MAYBE THE TIME IS NOW…

Hey, you have been working hard in a very tough profession for a long time now in a very stressful position: that of building as an entrepreneur in the life, health, retirement planning, and client advisory business.  You have had to put in long hours while wrestling two completely different alligators. 
The first is the “learn it from the bottom up” approach that you had to take a blank calendar and fill it with appointments and activity that would allow you to ask the right questions of the right people, people of character, and then design and present financial solutions to generate an income to pay for you and your family to live.
The second was the constant schooling and retraining that was essential to keeping up in this crazy, ever changing world of tax, legal, regulatory and insurance product design and everything that goes with it. 
Ever feel like a one armed paper hanger?  Ever had a stressful day?  Week?  Year?  Sure; me too.

So now why not take advantage of a little bit of the upside of this business?  One thing about it: you do set your own schedule.  If you really want a day off, and you’ve earned it, go ahead and take it.  The important thing: tell the truth – you have had to earn it, otherwise you’re just cheating yourself.
OK.  So now what?  If you’re Dave T, you grab your sticks and play a round of golf.  As much fun (?) as golf can be, I have never been able to eat a golf ball, so I prefer to pursue big salmon and halibut in the Pacific.  You have heard or seen reports in magazines, etc. all about the exotic trips to Alaska and elsewhere, but…isn’t that a little crazy?  Is this like “Deadliest Catch” where we might not make it back alive? 
Not at all.  This July 1st, I am heading up to Bristol Bay, Alaska, flying into Dillingham.  There I will be picked up and take a scenic 15 minute float plane trip to a Lodge along the Nushagak River, which holds the distinction of having the largest King Salmon run in the world.  Hundreds of thousands of salmon return each year.  Since we are in calm waters in the river life is almost comfortable, except for the pandemonium as you are constantly hooked up to 25 to 35 pound kings all day long…
When you get tired of catching Chinook salmon, then we can run up the river to fish for bright rainbow trout, grayling, char, and even northern pike as we get close to the Lake Aleknagik…
Everything is included in your stay: all meals, lodging, guided fishing, fishing gear (or flies for fly fishing) and bait, cleaning and vacuum packing/freezing and shipping your catch, everything you need. 
So, if you’ve never done this before, and would really like to try it, and want to know more, contact me by email or call me 253-606-4280.

Warren Miller, the great Pioneer in Skiing and Skiing Movies, said that “If you don’t fish for big Kings in Bristol Bay this year, you’ll only be one year older when you do.”  Recently we have had some dear friends and relatives pass away, and we are reminded that life is precious and we only have so much time, and we don’t know the hour when we will be called away. 
So if you haven’t seen your kids or grandkids, go see them.  But if you have and have a little spare time and want to hear more about fishing Alaska, call me!
Al Zalewski, CLU, ChFC

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