Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 November/December Health Insurance

November 1st 2015 thru January 31st, 2015 is literally the only time you can change plans. Once signed up for a plan you are locked in until January 2017. It’s a very important choice to make and our goal is to help you get the BEST policy for your specific needs.

There are some huge changes in the individual health insurance market. Moda has pulled out of WA, Group Health Cooperative has a True PPO plan and the WA Exchange has royally screwed up the renewal timeline. If people renew their Exchange account before Nov 24th it won't work properly.

Below is a link to a blog article I wrote (with a video of how to sign up for 2016 health insurance and the plans that are best).  

Gary Franke
NAIFA-Washington Health Chair

2015 November/December IFAPAC

I was listening to the radio on the way home the other evening and Gladys Knight happened to be singing, "Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me". I have always enjoyed that song, especially, the way she sang it. What a thought provoker: I have had so many best
things happen to me that if I could share, where would I start, and how long would my list be? Can the best things include events, as well as things, and especially people? The thought occurred to me that making such a list would be a great way to start writing a personal history.

Verse two of the song states that; "If anyone should ever write my life story. For whatever reason there might be." Gladys should change the verse to say; "If ever I should write my life story, For whatever reasons there might be". If all of the personal histories that have ever been written were analyzed would the 'best things' described in those histories be primarily 'things' and 'events' or would the best things be described as the people that found their way in and out of our lives? My guess would be 'people' and the following study confirms that.

2015 November/December 2016 Convention

Combined Convention 2016!
May 20th – May 22nd, 2016

I thought I’d provide you with a quick update to the convention plans… Many have been asking pointed questions… like “how much?”

Funny that you ask!  We have been a very busy committee!  The final “price per delegate or attendee” has not yet been decided, but we are doing as much as possible to keep it reasonable.  We are well on our way to securing some major sponsors for some of the activities… Principal Financial is on board, as is Illinois Mutual Life.  Several other major sponsors are almost committed, only awaiting final approval from home offices!

That’s all good, but we need to deliver on our promises!  We have shared with them that this will be bigger than ever!  We intend to deliver at least 150 delegates and another 100 “guests” to the convention.  The rooms are blocked out and ready, the program is taking shape and dignitaries and politicians alike are lining up to join us! 

2015 November/December Professional Development

I think you would agree with me that we live and work in dynamic times.  This is why we always need to be considering the coming challenges and opportunities in front of us.  The new program known as NAIFA 20/20 addresses the future success of insurance and financial advisors.  It will lie in their ability to redefine and reinvent the value they bring to their clients, as a trusted advisor, in 2020 and beyond. The retirement of baby boomers, the growth of the middle market, the changing face of the traditional family and the use of technology are among the factors that significantly affect who advisors’ clients are and what products advisors will need to guide their clients to secure financial futures.

NAIFA 20/20 is available for you to participate in and stimulate your thinking.  The second way to get your practice moving forward is through Continuing Education.  Besides being a requirement, it’s what you need to do to stay relevant.  As the saying goes, if you aren’t learning and expanding your knowledge, you are working with old information.