Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 November/December Health Insurance

November 1st 2015 thru January 31st, 2015 is literally the only time you can change plans. Once signed up for a plan you are locked in until January 2017. It’s a very important choice to make and our goal is to help you get the BEST policy for your specific needs.

There are some huge changes in the individual health insurance market. Moda has pulled out of WA, Group Health Cooperative has a True PPO plan and the WA Exchange has royally screwed up the renewal timeline. If people renew their Exchange account before Nov 24th it won't work properly.

Below is a link to a blog article I wrote (with a video of how to sign up for 2016 health insurance and the plans that are best).  

Gary Franke
NAIFA-Washington Health Chair

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