Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 September/October Professional Development

This is promising to be an exciting year!  With classes forming for the new LUTCF curriculum on both sides of the State.  We have now 5 moderators, and plans to begin classes in Seattle/Eastside, Tri-Cities, and soon in the greater Tacoma area.  Get started in a classroom course, as it'll increase your knowledge retention and the membership camaraderie.  

The Advisor 20/20 course is scheduled to be presented on both sides of the mountains, and we are anticipating a fairly intimate class with 10 or more per class.  This course is designed to help you target your efforts by managing your practice into a new dynamic business model.

With an ever growing interest in LILI, the NAIF-Washington’s hope is to actually have two classes this year for LILI.  Ask your local if they are sending anyone, and encourage them to stretch and get enrolled in one!  

Like I said, lots going on and we encourage you to get involved in one way or the other.  If you would like to be a moderator, check with me as we need many to get our newer Agents the training they need!

 Have a great Fall season!

 Roger McDowell, LUTCF

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