Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 July/August IFAPAC

What time is it?

In 1956 the answer to that question was “It’s Mickey Mouse Time” for hundreds of thousands of baby boomers (not yet identified as such). And any cool kid knew the members of the Club: Jimmie Dodd (Head Mouseketeer) who often provided short segments encouraging young viewers to make the right moral choices. Roy Williams (The Big Mouseketeer) that suggested Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears be worn by cast members. The Mouseketeers included Johnny Crawford (first year only), Dennis Day and the darling to all young boys and teens, Annette Funicello. To any and all kids with a TV at home, The Mickey Mouse Club was the most important entertainment show. It came on right after American Bandstand. Ask anyone that grew up during the 4 season run – 1955-1959.

If I ask you the same question today; “What time is it?” how will you answer?

For NAIFA members, the answer should be “Time to Stand For Something” and to get involved with the election cycle. The primaries in Washington are behind us now. The general election is about 12 weeks away. This election could change everything about our communities, our state, our country. So much is at stake. Such important issues are in play. Issues that will affect you, your family, your friends, your clients and your business.

2014 July/August President-Elects Message

NAIFA Washington is constantly exploring ways to effectively and efficiently deliver value to its members.  In the past we have presented fantastic speakers, continuing education credits and learning experiences through our Financial Service Forum.  Unfortunately, many of our members were not able to take advantage of these great programs due to location and logistics.  This year we have an exciting new program that will take the place of the Financial Service Forum, and deliver a fantastic learning opportunity that is web based and will allow you to take advantage of this program at your own pace.  Chris Carlson will be moderating our first program:

Prospecting Through Positioning

Fill Your Pipeline With Great Opportunities

The challenge almost every agent and advisor has when it comes to prospecting is getting through the thousands of marketing messages your prospects receive each day.  In order for your prospecting methods to have a chance at success, it is critical that you establish credibility with your prospect.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 July/August 100% IFAPAC Month

August is 100% back to the State IFAPAC month. All political and administrative monies received from NAIFA members who have completed an IFAPAC Directive and checked the box that they authorize a portion of their funds to be returned to their state IFAPAC, will be returned to IFAPAC Washington.

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to make your contribution to IFAPAC so funds can be enhanced for the General Election cycle.