Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 July/August IFAPAC

What time is it?

In 1956 the answer to that question was “It’s Mickey Mouse Time” for hundreds of thousands of baby boomers (not yet identified as such). And any cool kid knew the members of the Club: Jimmie Dodd (Head Mouseketeer) who often provided short segments encouraging young viewers to make the right moral choices. Roy Williams (The Big Mouseketeer) that suggested Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears be worn by cast members. The Mouseketeers included Johnny Crawford (first year only), Dennis Day and the darling to all young boys and teens, Annette Funicello. To any and all kids with a TV at home, The Mickey Mouse Club was the most important entertainment show. It came on right after American Bandstand. Ask anyone that grew up during the 4 season run – 1955-1959.

If I ask you the same question today; “What time is it?” how will you answer?

For NAIFA members, the answer should be “Time to Stand For Something” and to get involved with the election cycle. The primaries in Washington are behind us now. The general election is about 12 weeks away. This election could change everything about our communities, our state, our country. So much is at stake. Such important issues are in play. Issues that will affect you, your family, your friends, your clients and your business.

It is time to participate, time to get off the sidelines and get in the game. Get to know your representative and senator. Learn all you can about them and their positions on issues that affect your career. You should know these men and women by name and know where they stand. Make sure they know YOUR NAME and what you do for their constituents. Support the candidates you want to see elected. Volunteer, campaign, put a yard sign on your lawn, door-bell, attend rallies and fund raisers.

Your donations to IFAPAC were used to support business-minded candidates in the primary election cycle. With the counsel and guidance of our lobbyist, Mel Sorensen, we have experienced great success with races in Washington. What that means is, funds contributed to various campaigns (to candidates on both sides of the aisle) were well spent. NAIFA at the national level also used IFAPAC funds to support Senate and House races at the federal level. Some of our NAIFA members delivered checks to the legislators during the summer recess. IFAPAC will be involved in the general election cycle in Washington, too. We need more funds right now.

Those of you that make monthly EFT contributions to IFAPAC are very much appreciated. If you can increase your monthly amount, do it now. $5, $10, $20 or more will make a huge difference. Those of you that make annual contributions are also appreciated. We urge you to make that annual contribution right now. $50 makes you an IFAPAC contributor. $100 makes you an IFAPAC Century Club member. $300 makes you an IFAPAC Statesman. Need I go farther?

You’re no longer a kid with Mickey Mouse ears. You are an American businessman in the greatest country on earth. You are in a noble profession that affords you opportunities to serve your community and enjoy the luxuries of life. Protect your career with regular contributions to IFAPAC.

Richard Ek



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