Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 September/October IFAPAC

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


HIPAA who?

Sorry, I can’t tell you.

We all deal with HIPAA even if you don’t sell health insurance. But you are involved in health insurance, at least tangentially. Your kids, your clients, your friends and neighbors are buying it. They must buy something. It’s the law. They are either paying portion of the premium under an employer plan or buying health insurance on their own. And it isn’t a simple purchase. You are probably getting questions about how to determine which plan to buy and how it all works. The [un]Affordable Care Act is an enormous and multi-tentacle law that reaches into the pocketbook of every business, every home and every individual. And we are closing in on the open enrollment for 2015 that runs November 15 to February 15, 2015.

Do you know that NAIFA is working at the Federal and State level to iron out the problems in the ACA?

 In addition to protecting the integrity of life insurance and other products you may sell, NAIFA is everywhere. Our lobbyist, Mel Sorensen, is in “Ulcer Gulch” every day when the legislature is in Olympia. He runs a daily schedule that is as busy and harried as a hospital intern. NAIFA has also been successful in Washington D.C. on the front lines of the struggles between our industry and government. A government that would just as soon remove our profession from the rolls of the gainfully employed. Without the efforts of NAIFA and other invested associations to explain our value to the constituents of legislators we could be in real trouble. And it takes financial support to get the work done.

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 September/October In Memoriam

Wayne Wyse, CLU, RHU

Wayne Wyse joined NAIFA-Washington and North Central in 1975. Wayne was very active in his local and was North Central’s local president 1985-86 and their Legislative chair for many, many years.  He was an annual regular attendee at North Central’s Jumbo CE Seminar, NAIFA-Washington’s Day on the Hill and Financial Services Forum. He also wrote many articles to the newspapers that made an impact. In addition, Wayne chaired some of the most successful NAIFA-Washington Conventions. He was a good member, a good person and he will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace....

2014 September/October San Diego National Convention Photos

President John Nichols

(Center) David Bailey Spokane Executive (L) Al Zalewski National Committeeman; Sharon Sparling, Advocacy & LILI Chair: Michael Staeb RVP Region VI, Communication Chair & Seattle/Eastside President; Monica Ewing, Twin Harbors President; Jeff Kyle, Past NAIFA Washington President, (R) John Nichols, President; Richard Miller APIC Chair & RVP Region IV; James Penning Central President; Randy Kimm Spokane President & RVP Region III.
NAIFA-Washington Delegates




2014 September/October National Committeeman

Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Well, sunny San Diego of course, along with the rest of the NAIFA Washington delegation to the 125th Anniversary National Conference of NAIFA (the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) September 6 – 8, 2014.  It was historic for not only its anniversary but also for the election of our first woman President, Juli McNeely.  And your Washington delegation, led by President John “B.” Nichols, President Elect Scott Fowler (recently released from Injured Reserve to Active Duty after foot surgery), and Sec-Treas Neal Kloke plus 17 more local members, were there to learn, vote, contribute, and have a lot of fun and conversation.
The Conference was shortened to two full days this year in response to member requests, from Saturday afternoon to Monday so we packed the time with meetings and seminars; we made the most of our time with an afterhours cocktail party hosted by National Committeeman Alan Zalewski, CLU, ChFC, still LUTCF, whose suggested voting mantra remains: “vote in the time honored tradition for the candidate who provides most swag”.  We had a lot to celebrate:

2014 September/October Professional Development

NAIFA Prospecting Program

NAIFA Washington is constantly exploring ways to effectively and efficiently deliver value to its members.  In the past we have presented fantastic speakers, continuing education credits and learning experiences through our Financial Service Forum.  Unfortunately, many of our members were not able to take advantage of these great programs due to location and logistics.  This year we have an exciting new program that will take the place of the Financial Service Forum, and deliver a fantastic learning opportunity that is web based and will allow you to take advantage of this program at your own pace.  Chris Carlson will be moderating our first program:

Introducing NAIFA Washington’s Coaching Series:

Prospecting Through Positioning

Fill Your Pipeline With Great Opportunities

The challenge almost every agent and advisor has when it comes to prospecting is getting through the thousands of marketing messages your prospects receive each day.  In order for your prospecting methods to have a chance at success, it is critical that you establish credibility with your prospect.