Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Envelope Please

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NAIFA Washington 2013 Award Recipients
We are coming to you live from the President's Banquet and Awards Ceremony at the 2013 State Convention in beautiful, sunny Tri-Cities!  Join us in congratulating these fine members for their work on behalf of our association, their clients, companies, and communities. 
Retiring RVP Recognition 
These individuals dedicated much of their time in support of the local associations for which they served on behalf of the state.
Scott Fowler (NAIFA Seattle/Eastside)
Roger McDowell, LUTCF (NAIFA Tri-Cities)
Sandra Pulsipher, LUTCF (NAIFA Vancouver/Clark County)
"Step-Up-To-The-Plate" Award
This award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the work they do as a volunteer for this organization.
Sharon Sparling
 Jeff Kyle Agency
NAIFA Northwest 
Young Advisor of the Year
The Young Advisors Team, or YAT for short, consists of NAIFA members who are either 40 years of age or younger or have 5 years or less experience in the insurance and financial services industry.
Michael C. Staeb
 The Staeb Company, LLC dba 5 Brokerage West | 
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside 
Local of the Year
Recognizing the local association who's board of directors and volunteers has performed most admirably over the past year.
NAIFA Tri-Cities
Officers:  President Craig Forman, President-Elect Todd Halterman,
Secretary Miles Gale, and Treasurer Kevin Gunn
Board of Directors:  Jason Hastie, Joseph Peterson, Mark Rogers,
Ryan Sullivan, and Brad Toner | Association Executive:  Roger McDowell
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside
Officers:  President Nate Walters, President-Elect John B. Nichols,
Secretary/Treasurer Michael C Staeb, and Nat'l Committeeperson Scott Fowler
Board of Directors:  Ron Rodgers, Mary Miller, Alex Collins, Coty Thompson, Jody Lentz,Jon Stotesbery, and Carol Parrish | Association Executive:  Jenna Olson
Manager of the Year *NEW*
This awardee exemplifies the qualities of a leader that enhance the careers of the advisors around them.
Craig Forman, CLU, ChFC, CLF
New York Life
NAIFA Tri-Cities
Agent of the Year
This award recognizes an individual who exceeds expectations of what it means to be a NAIFA member and in the past year has gone above and beyond in serving their clients, community, and our association.
Scott Fowler
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside
Lifetime Achievement Award *NEW*
For the first time, NAIFA Washington honors on of it's own for the cumulative work of their career (both professional and volunteer), with inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award.
Glenn Stocker, CLU, LUTCF, FICF
 Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
NAIFA Central Washington
Congratulations to all these fine recipients!

NAIFA Washington
Jeff Kyle
Outgoing President

Kevin Gleim
Incoming President

John B. Nichols

Scott Fowler

Ralph VanWinkle
National Committeeperson
Linda Fox

NAIFA Washington | 7717 50th Avenue SE | Lacey | WA | 98513

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

2013 April/May Lobbyist Report

2013 Regular Legislative Session Adjourns Without Budget Agreement—Governor Inslee Calls for Special Session to Convene on May 13

After 105 days of hearings, negotiations, and votes cast on hundreds of measures, Washington’s 2013 Regular Legislative Session adjourned on Sunday, April 28.  The State Constitution limits the Regular Session in odd-numbered years to 105 calendar days.  Despite using up all of the time allowed for the Regular Session, legislators could not come to agreement on a spending plan for the 2013-2015 biennium.  As a result, shortly after adjournment, Governor Jay Inslee called for a Special Session to convene on May 13 so that a budget deal can be finalized before the beginning of the next biennium on July 1, 2013. 

2013 April/May Advocacy Report

“United We Stand!”

NAIFA Washington ACTION ALERT helps defeat 271% B&O Tax Increase

The House Finance Committee convened to take action on HB2038—the bill that would impose over $1 billion in various tax increases that was heard in committee on Friday, April 19.   But Olympia’s House of Representatives heard from thousands of insurance producers!!

Summary of our Talking Points to oppose HB2038:

  • Section 201 of HB 2038 would increase B&O taxes on insurance agents and brokers by 271%.
  • This tax increase would damage thousands of small business insurance professionals on Main Street in every city and town in Washington.
  • Insurance Agents and Brokers have no ability to include tax increases on premium statements that insurers send to their policyholders.

Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 April/May President's Message

Hello fellow participants in “cause” of NAIFA! We are in the last quarter of our fiscal year now and with that winding down one “administration” and gearing up for another! Lots happening in my last 3 months as your servant leader! Along with a tremendous Convention Host Committee (NAIFA Tri-Cities), I have been preparing, what I believe to be the most powerful, relevant and fun State Convention in recent history…possibly EVER! Our lineup of speakers is unmatched and it will be warm & sunny!! I’ve already pre-arranged that one with Craig Forman, so if for any reason it’s not…you can blame him! I, for one, will not even bring a rain jacket!