Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 October/November APIC

At a recent local NAIFA function, I was asked to say a few words regarding my involvement with NAIFA; specifically, why I am a member.  Seems like a pretty straight-forward question and answer.  Here’s the problem; I’m preaching to the choir.  If I were speaking to a group of non-members maybe my comments would be more impactful.  The reality is that there is nothing I’ve said that our local membership hasn’t heard before.  I decided to approach it differently. 
Just like handling an objection before the prospect or client brings it up, a pre-emptive strike so to speak, I acknowledged that there were those among us who have questioned the value of their membership, or will question it sometime in the future.  The reason I continue my membership is not because of meetings, CE, camaraderie, or any of the other legitimate reasons that a member will cite.  I’m a member because of my core belief that I am protecting my chosen career by contributing to the viability of our association.  I couldn’t possibly afford to hire a lobbyist or a team of attorneys to represent me so that I can continue working in the industry, unless I have the economies of scale that association membership provides.

It would be great to inspire people to join us, and maybe guilt works with some, but how about an appeal to common sense?  We can’t do this by ourselves and they (non-members) can’t survive without us. We all know a non-member or an unengaged existing member.  APIC is a great example of our strength in numbers.  Getting involved at a grass roots level is what we do.  Member and non-member alike; we need each other. That’s APIC!  

Richard l. Miller, CLU, ChFC, CASL, LUTCF
APIC Chair

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 October/November IFAPAC

If Insurance is your profession, politics is your business.

Even if you are not involved directly with selling health insurance you cannot escape hearing about and seeing the problems with the debut of Obamacare. It is a perfect demonstration of why government should not be trusted with our health care.

People with common sense and reality-based principles understand that government programs are by definition political. Politicians and bureaucrats are not personally accountable for failure, as in the private sector, so failure is acceptable to them. Thus we get cost overruns, fraud and poor service.

Political consideration number one in the launch of Obamacare was the 2012 presidential election. Defenders of the incumbent did not want voters to know there would be a huge jump in the price of insurance for most people not being subsidized. They didn’t want supporters or critics to know about the rectal exam that would be required by the exchange website. They didn’t want the masses to know about the four, five and up to eight thousand dollar deductibles. They didn’t want people to learn of the limited (skinny) networks that may not include THEIR hospital, doctor or pediatrician. They knew that revealing those details too early would tip voters toward the challenger who promised to stop it.

Friday, October 18, 2013

2013 October/November President's Message

Greeting from your President

I think it is appropriate that I thank our outgoing National Committeeman Ralph Van Winkle for his outstanding service these past several years. He also did a fine job, along with our Executive Linda in putting together a delegation of 18 to attend the NAIFA National Conference in San Antonio Texas late this past month. Our national leadership once again proved themselves worthy of our praise in a wonderful experience including program speakers, workshops and NAIFA business. The controversial item of business was the proposed $25 increase in dues to help fund the fly in to Washington DC next May. This past April’s fly in was highly successful so the plan is to do it again next May. Please consider attending this opportunity to visit with your Congressional Representative and Senators to educate them of the work we do to serve our clients with the products we have.

If you attended the Financial Services Forum last month thank you. If you did not you missed some great speakers and opportunity to network and join in fellowship. John Nichols is your President Elect who chaired this event. He and his team were exceptional in picking the speakers as well as the location, right on the water.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

2013 October/November Day on the Hill

Mark Your Calendars Now...for the 2014 Day on the Hill

January 21, 2014 at the Double Tree Hilton (formerly the Phoenix Inn) featuring representatives from the Governor's office, key legislators, the Exchange, the OIC, as well as leaders from the life and health insurance industries.


DoubleTree by Hilton
(formerly the Phoenix Inn)
415 Capital Way N.
Olympia, WA 98501

Discounted overnight rooms are available for $129.00 per night and must be booked before December 20, 2013.  Reservations can be made by calling 1-877-570-0555 toll free and asking for NAIFA rate.  The DoubleTree by Hilton is located in downtown Olympia, just minutes from Washington State Capitol campus.  

Stay tuned...more to come...

2013 October/November Membership Contest

A New Kind of Contest with a Great Prize

Greetings from Al Zalewski, who was brought back, kicking and screaming,  from northern Saskatchewan fishing for giant northern pike to succeed the admirable Ralph Van Winkle, who did a superb job as your State National Committeeman for  the past 6 years. 

At President Gleim’s Summer Roundtable, and later fleshed out at our Planning and Development Committee meeting, we came up with a neat idea for a contest you can really WIN something pretty darn cool:

A 6 Night, 7 Day Vacation at our beautiful home in Sunriver, Oregon!

Have you heard of Sunriver?  Here’s the scoop:

2013 October/November In Memoriam

Tony was born in the steel town of New Castle, PA where he said the winter snow was always black. He really disliked shoveling snow!

Tony joined the Washington State Association of Life Underwriters (now NAIFA-Washington) in 1968. He served his state and local associations in many capacities including State President 1981-82 and most recently as State Employee Benefit Liaison in 2008.

He had a successful career in insurance for 43 years where he and his wife Pat worked together for 37 of those years. He was involved with many organizations, but was most proud of being one of the first people in Whatcom County to teach CPR at the Bellingham Technical School. He was very active in his faith and loved God with all of his heart.

Tony liked to putter around in his shop, watch movies, and fish when he could, and to spend every birthday in Mexico along with their wonderful friends.

He is survived by his wife Pat, son Ron (Lesley Norman) and daughter Amy. He was grandfather to Jason, Jenny, and Lillianne and great-grandfather to Braxton and Oliver.

2013 October/November Professional Development

Exciting News!!!  The American College has updated and reinvigorated what we have all come to know as the LUTCF/FSS designations!  Due to the changing sociological environment that we live in, new classes have been developed to assist the Agent/Producer to be better equipped to help society in these dynamic times.  The new designation is “Financial Services Certified Professional” or FSCP. 

For those who hold the LUTCF, there are steps to update and add this new certification.  If you are content to hold the LUTCF, you need do nothing.   If you are currently pursuing the LUTCF designation, and you want to complete it, you can do that too.  Plus, if you want to Transition from the already completed courses over to the new designation, you are given that option too.  Nothing has been taken off the table; only new more relevant classes have been added to the curriculum.