Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014 November/December LILI

NAIFA Washington LILI 2015 Class Participants needed!

“Kudos to NAIFA for developing such a course! I’ve been involved (both as student and teacher) in Dale Carnegie and various industry designation classes. In my opinion, LILI ranks at the top in helping prioritize what is important in life, and achieving one’s self-determined definition of success.”    Michael Standrod, CLU, REBC - Arkansas

The Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) curriculum is based on the leadership writings of Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Jim Collins, and Kouzes & Posner.

The institute consists of six sessions over six months:

1.    Identifying One’s Self: Introductions, self-assessments, and identification of personality styles and how to relate to them

2.    Mastering One’s Self: Leadership fundamentals, personal vision and mission

3.    Developing One’s Self: Application of self-mastery skills learned in Session Two

4.    Developing the Leaders Around You: Team-building and working with others to achieve unique goals

5.    Someday All This Will Be…Whose?: Moving from Independence to Interdependence

6.    The Journey Begins – Commencement: Responsibility, renewal and hallmarks of leadership

2014 November/December Government Relations

NAIFA/WAHU "Day on the Hill 2015
January 27, 2015
Phoenix Inn, Olympia, Washington
NAIFA Washington Members it's time to mark you calendars for our annual NAIFA/WAHU "Day on the Hill". This is going to be a very important year because the State's Budget deficit is BIG! You know we have to be engaged in this process for our clients and for ourselves. Here's what Mel Sorensen, NAIFA-Washington Lobbyist has provided:
Proposed Agenda
8:45                 Welcome and Introductions
9:00-9:30         Update on the Washington Health
                        Benefit Exchange                 
                        Catherine Bailey, Director of
                        Healthplanfinder Business
9:30-10:00       Governor Inslee’s Health Policy Objectives for 2015
                        Jason McGill, Health Policy Advisor - Office of the Governor 

2014 November/December Solutions Summit

NAIFA Washington Invites You
to Attend the

Sharon L. Sparling, NAIFA Washington, Government Relations Chair

NAIFA-Washington is partnering with the Washington Policy Center by being a co-presenting organization on WPC’s Solutions Summit on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at the 3 Rivers Convention Center in Tri-Cities and Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 at the Bellevue Hyatt!

We would like to reserve a spot at each location and need 8 NAIFA WA attendees!  This will save you!  The full day registration of $80 would be $68.75!!  Please let me know right away so I can get WPC your name for this discount.  If we don’t get 8 at each location the cost will be $80 for full day’s events.  Finally, if you have clients that could benefit from attending, please invite them!  “To be Informed is to be Involved!” ~Sharon L. Sparling, NAIFA Washington, Government Relations Chair

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

2014 November/December Past President's Message

Hero In Our Midst

Just a little more than a month ago the joint meeting of NAIFA South Puget Sound and Washington Association of Fraternal Insurance Counselors was held on the Tacoma Waterfront. The purpose of the meeting was to educate and inspire as well as foster comradery between the insurance and financial professionals in attendance.  First we heard from Hal Prucop, attorney at law of Issaquah on some basic estate planning documents and considerations including beneficiary designations that sometimes we take for granted and that may not be in alignment with the desires of our clients and prospects. Hal is a very energetic caring attorney that believes in what we do and supports us.  We then heard from the well respected Bob Pittman, attorney at law from Fircrest. Bob has been an estate planning attorney extraordinaire for many years and I’m sure already known by many of you. Bob also believes in what we do and works very well with us in accomplishing our client’s objectives. He is a strong proponent of life insurance for many reasons that we also believe and shared several sales ideas including at least one that many of us may not have known about. Inherited IRAs are not safe from creditors. Bob shared some real life stories relating to this issue and how we should consider alternatives to the inherited IRA, like life insurance.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

2014 November/December In Memoriam

Our beloved Leader for Life of NAIFA-Lower Columbia Major Robert M. Otteraaen USMC Ret., 86, of Kelso passed away Nov. 15, 2014, at home. Many of you experienced Bob’s dry wit, undoubtedly a left over from his career as a U.S. Marine. As a Marine, Bob served in three wars….WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Not too many Generals get to say that!

.......Wayne Lunday

He was born April 25, 1928, in Seattle, to Dr. Andrew O. and Anna (Nelson) Otteraaen. Robert graduated from Wenatchee High School and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in horticulture and a Master of Education in counseling from Washington State University.

On June 13, 1953, he married Marion J. Copeland in Seattle. They moved to Kelso from Camp Lejune Marine Corps Base in 1974. During his military career, Robert served in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He went on to teach high school and run a small business in Kelso for financial tax strategies.

Friday, November 21, 2014

2014 November/December LUTC

Grow Your Business
NAIFA is always striving to offer the most relevant, timely and useful resources to help our members grow their business. In doing so, it’s important that NAIFA understands your business, products and service offerings to properly develop the programming and tools you need to help take your business to the next level.

Do your part in developing the programming and resources that best relates to you, your business and your product offerings. Update your member profile and assist NAIFA in keeping a pulse on what resources, tools and programming would best serve your professional development needs and help us accomplish our mission of enhancing our members business and professional skills.

2014 November/December IFAPAC

The Thumping Heart of NAIFA

The recent elections have been more than a water-cooler topic. You can’t listen to radio or television without hearing about the results nationally. And there is quite a buzz about our local House and Senate races. You need to know that YOUR IFAPAC contributions were well spent on campaigns at the Federal level and State level, too.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time but many of our members are pleased with the shift in power in the US Senate and the Washington State Senate. Almost all of the races in WA that were funded by IFAPAC were winners in their districts. Part of your dues to NAIFA and part of your contributions to IFAPAC are spent at the Federal level. So the thumping heart of NAIFA continues its steady beat, working hard to protect the interests of your clients, your industry and your career. Bob Dylan sang, “Money doesn’t talk, it screams!” and your contributions screamed in this election cycle. Thank you very much.

Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 September/October LUTC

The new LUTCF course curriculum is slated to open for registration beginning after the first of the year.  The actual courses will begin in July 2015. This curriculum has been totally restructured, and only requires 3 classes for the designation.  The cost will be different for members verses non-members, and yes a Revenue sharing will be in place.  If a moderated class is done, the Association will receive 5% of total tuition.  If an individual takes the class online, a 1% revenue share will occur.  These courses will be more expensive than before, but will cover more material.  If you earned your designation with 5 classes, you will have spent roughly the same amount for the new three course program.

This should allow students the ability to earn the designation quicker, but the courses will be a bit tougher.  Start planning to host a class and make your local association so money, along with building that core principal of your NAIFA Membership...Education!  If you aren't keeping your education up, you will become irrelevant.

Roger McDowell, LUTCF
LUTC Chairman

Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 September/October IFAPAC

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


HIPAA who?

Sorry, I can’t tell you.

We all deal with HIPAA even if you don’t sell health insurance. But you are involved in health insurance, at least tangentially. Your kids, your clients, your friends and neighbors are buying it. They must buy something. It’s the law. They are either paying portion of the premium under an employer plan or buying health insurance on their own. And it isn’t a simple purchase. You are probably getting questions about how to determine which plan to buy and how it all works. The [un]Affordable Care Act is an enormous and multi-tentacle law that reaches into the pocketbook of every business, every home and every individual. And we are closing in on the open enrollment for 2015 that runs November 15 to February 15, 2015.

Do you know that NAIFA is working at the Federal and State level to iron out the problems in the ACA?

 In addition to protecting the integrity of life insurance and other products you may sell, NAIFA is everywhere. Our lobbyist, Mel Sorensen, is in “Ulcer Gulch” every day when the legislature is in Olympia. He runs a daily schedule that is as busy and harried as a hospital intern. NAIFA has also been successful in Washington D.C. on the front lines of the struggles between our industry and government. A government that would just as soon remove our profession from the rolls of the gainfully employed. Without the efforts of NAIFA and other invested associations to explain our value to the constituents of legislators we could be in real trouble. And it takes financial support to get the work done.

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 September/October In Memoriam

Wayne Wyse, CLU, RHU

Wayne Wyse joined NAIFA-Washington and North Central in 1975. Wayne was very active in his local and was North Central’s local president 1985-86 and their Legislative chair for many, many years.  He was an annual regular attendee at North Central’s Jumbo CE Seminar, NAIFA-Washington’s Day on the Hill and Financial Services Forum. He also wrote many articles to the newspapers that made an impact. In addition, Wayne chaired some of the most successful NAIFA-Washington Conventions. He was a good member, a good person and he will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace....

2014 September/October San Diego National Convention Photos

President John Nichols

(Center) David Bailey Spokane Executive (L) Al Zalewski National Committeeman; Sharon Sparling, Advocacy & LILI Chair: Michael Staeb RVP Region VI, Communication Chair & Seattle/Eastside President; Monica Ewing, Twin Harbors President; Jeff Kyle, Past NAIFA Washington President, (R) John Nichols, President; Richard Miller APIC Chair & RVP Region IV; James Penning Central President; Randy Kimm Spokane President & RVP Region III.
NAIFA-Washington Delegates




2014 September/October National Committeeman

Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Well, sunny San Diego of course, along with the rest of the NAIFA Washington delegation to the 125th Anniversary National Conference of NAIFA (the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) September 6 – 8, 2014.  It was historic for not only its anniversary but also for the election of our first woman President, Juli McNeely.  And your Washington delegation, led by President John “B.” Nichols, President Elect Scott Fowler (recently released from Injured Reserve to Active Duty after foot surgery), and Sec-Treas Neal Kloke plus 17 more local members, were there to learn, vote, contribute, and have a lot of fun and conversation.
The Conference was shortened to two full days this year in response to member requests, from Saturday afternoon to Monday so we packed the time with meetings and seminars; we made the most of our time with an afterhours cocktail party hosted by National Committeeman Alan Zalewski, CLU, ChFC, still LUTCF, whose suggested voting mantra remains: “vote in the time honored tradition for the candidate who provides most swag”.  We had a lot to celebrate:

2014 September/October Professional Development

NAIFA Prospecting Program

NAIFA Washington is constantly exploring ways to effectively and efficiently deliver value to its members.  In the past we have presented fantastic speakers, continuing education credits and learning experiences through our Financial Service Forum.  Unfortunately, many of our members were not able to take advantage of these great programs due to location and logistics.  This year we have an exciting new program that will take the place of the Financial Service Forum, and deliver a fantastic learning opportunity that is web based and will allow you to take advantage of this program at your own pace.  Chris Carlson will be moderating our first program:

Introducing NAIFA Washington’s Coaching Series:

Prospecting Through Positioning

Fill Your Pipeline With Great Opportunities

The challenge almost every agent and advisor has when it comes to prospecting is getting through the thousands of marketing messages your prospects receive each day.  In order for your prospecting methods to have a chance at success, it is critical that you establish credibility with your prospect.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

2014 July/August LILI

2014 LILI Class Happens!

I’m so proud to announce that NAIFA Washington is joining NAIFA Oregon in a first joint class…6 students from Oregon and 2 students from Washington.  Joe Newman & Jim Scott are participating this year for NAIFA Washington.  Jeff Kyle, NAIFA WA Past President and Steve Forman, NAIFA OR, current Chair of the NAIFA – National Communications Committee are the Moderators!

The students’ expectations are high and the Leadership In Life Institute will deliver.  LILI is a six-month leadership development program devoted to advancing your personal growth and professional success. The course offers:

·         The best in leadership and personal-development thinking

·         Tools to improve your practice and create a business plan

·         Increased understanding of self and improved interpersonal relationships

·         Expanded professional network and opportunities for growth through LILI alumni programs

·         Leadership opportunities in NAIFA

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

2014 July/August IFAPAC

What time is it?

In 1956 the answer to that question was “It’s Mickey Mouse Time” for hundreds of thousands of baby boomers (not yet identified as such). And any cool kid knew the members of the Club: Jimmie Dodd (Head Mouseketeer) who often provided short segments encouraging young viewers to make the right moral choices. Roy Williams (The Big Mouseketeer) that suggested Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears be worn by cast members. The Mouseketeers included Johnny Crawford (first year only), Dennis Day and the darling to all young boys and teens, Annette Funicello. To any and all kids with a TV at home, The Mickey Mouse Club was the most important entertainment show. It came on right after American Bandstand. Ask anyone that grew up during the 4 season run – 1955-1959.

If I ask you the same question today; “What time is it?” how will you answer?

For NAIFA members, the answer should be “Time to Stand For Something” and to get involved with the election cycle. The primaries in Washington are behind us now. The general election is about 12 weeks away. This election could change everything about our communities, our state, our country. So much is at stake. Such important issues are in play. Issues that will affect you, your family, your friends, your clients and your business.

2014 July/August President-Elects Message

NAIFA Washington is constantly exploring ways to effectively and efficiently deliver value to its members.  In the past we have presented fantastic speakers, continuing education credits and learning experiences through our Financial Service Forum.  Unfortunately, many of our members were not able to take advantage of these great programs due to location and logistics.  This year we have an exciting new program that will take the place of the Financial Service Forum, and deliver a fantastic learning opportunity that is web based and will allow you to take advantage of this program at your own pace.  Chris Carlson will be moderating our first program:

Prospecting Through Positioning

Fill Your Pipeline With Great Opportunities

The challenge almost every agent and advisor has when it comes to prospecting is getting through the thousands of marketing messages your prospects receive each day.  In order for your prospecting methods to have a chance at success, it is critical that you establish credibility with your prospect.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2014 July/August 100% IFAPAC Month

August is 100% back to the State IFAPAC month. All political and administrative monies received from NAIFA members who have completed an IFAPAC Directive and checked the box that they authorize a portion of their funds to be returned to their state IFAPAC, will be returned to IFAPAC Washington.

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to make your contribution to IFAPAC so funds can be enhanced for the General Election cycle.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 May/June NAIFA Washington Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following NAIFA-Washington Award Recipients...

Step Up to the Plate Award
Alan Zalewski, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
NAIFA South Puget Sound

YAT Agent of the Year Award
Alexander Collins, ChFC
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside

Lifetime Achievement Award
Thomas E. Fowler, CLU, ChFC
NAIFA Seattle/Eastside

Inspirational Award
Randy Kimm, LUTCF
NAIFA Spokane

Advocacy Award
Sharon L. Sparling, CIC, NAIFA Northwest
Richard Ek, LUTCF, NAIFA-Snohomish

Retiring Regional Vice Presidents Award
Neal Kloke, Region I RVP, NAIFA Northwest
Kay Mielke-Crookshanks, Region V RVP, NAIFA Twin Harbors

President's Plaque and Gavel
Kevin Gleim, LUTCF, FICF, NAIFA South Puget Sound
2013-2014 President NAIFA Washington

NAIFA Washington thanks you for your service and dedication. Well Done!

Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 May/June APIC

(L-R Jeff Johnston, Senator Cantwell, Richard Miller)
Much to my dismay, I was unable to attend our recent State Convention.  Jeff Johnston and I instead made the trek to Washington DC for the Congressional Conference; NAIFA National’s super-sized version of Day on the Hill.  I must admit that I didn’t have the best attitude prior to the trip.  I was grousing about missing the State Convention and grumbling about the gridlock in the other Washington, and wondering out loud to anyone within earshot, whether we would have any impact.
Well as things often play out, I received a loud and clear message.  We started out the day with just one appointment at Senator Cantwell’s office.  With some last minute calling and a little help from Kyle Kunkler at the National headquarters, we managed to set up 2 additional appointments with Senator Murray’s office and 8th congressional district Congressman Dave Reichert.  Not only were we happy to be using our time in Washington DC wisely, but all of our appointments were with key legislators; those who sit on committees that directly impact our industry.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 May/June IFAPAC

I have a dear friend who, in the early years of his marriage, was convinced he and his family needed a four-wheel-drive pickup truck. His wife was sure that he did not need but merely wanted the new vehicle. A playful conversation between this husband and wife initiated their consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of such a purchase.

“Sweetheart, we need a four-wheel-drive truck.”

She asked, “Why do you think we need a new truck?”

He answered her question with what he believed was the perfect response: “What if we needed milk for our children in a terrible storm, and the only way I could get to the grocery store was in a pickup?”

His wife replied with a smile, “If we buy a new truck, we will not have money for milk—so why worry about getting to the store in an emergency!”

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

2014 May/June OIC

Avoiding Compliance Issues with your State Regulator

There are many producer compliance issues my staff routinely addresses, ranging  from timely response to an OIC inquiry, updating a producer’s address in the proper time frame, or naming a designated responsible licensed person (DRLP) for a licensed insurance agency. Our approach to most producer compliance issues has been to educate our licensees and assist them  in meeting compliance standards rather than beginning with fines and penalties.  Here, I will address two common compliance issues: the use of DBAs--that’s “doing business as” for those not familiar with the term--and affiliations.

Let’s begin with DBAs. While not the norm in the insurance industry, some agents and agencies use them. If you do use  a DBA, there are laws and rules you need to follow to avoid compliance issues.


2014 May/June Professional Development

This past year has presented the Association with more significant changes than we have experienced in recent memory.  First, NAIFA announced that the LUTCF designation which has been around more than 30 years was to be going away, with only a short period of time for active students to attain their designation within a fairly short period of time.  Then came additional information on the reintroduction of the designation, but under the College of Financial Planning instead of The American College.  Later this year (September of 2014) a more formal announcement of the new LUTCF program will be made, most likely during the Annual NAIFA Convention in San Diego.  In my last communication with Ms Booth at NAIFA national, no reimbursements to local associations had been determined at this time.
In addition to the LUTCF news, the American College has introduced a new designation aimed at advisors, initially to replace the LUTCF designation, known as FSCP or Financial Services Certified Professional.  A program to further the education of Agents in an ever changing society.  Content designed to address many of the more modern aspects of our society, such as divorce, non-marital relationships, etc.  This program will not provide local association tuition reimbursements like the old LUTCF courses had done in the past.

2014 May/June NAIFA-Washington Survey Results

Your intrepid National Committeeman put together a survey of the NAIFA Delegates and attendees at our 2014 State Convention in Kirkland and we got some interesting responses.  Here are the actual questions and the results in a capsule:
General Survey Information.  Tell us a little about yourself:
Of survey respondents:
Age: Under 30 only 1%, 30-40 20%, 41-50 23%, 51-60 27%, 61-65 6%, 66 -70 13%, 71+ 10%
Male 70%  Female 30%
Years experience: <5 15%,  6-10 10%,  11-15 15%,  16-20  10%,  21-25 15%,  26-30 6%,  31-35 10%, 36-40 10%,  41+   9%  (1 person had 50, and a second had 51!)
86% describe themselves as Producers, 10% as General Agents, and the rest as Service Reps or Home Office.
So by this I take it we had a good representation of a broad swath of the producer community.
Then we asked: Why Did You Join NAIFA?

2014 May/June President's Message

NAIFA Washington year 2013/2014 is nearing its close. I want to thank all of the volunteers that make our organization function. This includes your state officers, regional vice presidents, committee chairs and local presidents. These elected and appointed members give of themselves throughout the year so that our organization continues to operate for the benefit of our members as well as the benefit of the public (our prospects and clients). There are many others that serve at the Local Association level as both directors and officers. 

In addition we have each year a convention committee and local that is responsible for conducting the annual NAIFA WA convention. This year’s convention was held at the Woodmark Hotel on Lake Washington in Kirkland May 19 – 21. Seattle Eastside was the host Local Association with Michael Staeb as Committee Chair. In my opinion and several others this ranks as one of the best state conventions ever. One respected member thought of it as National level in regards to the speaker line up. If you attended, you know what I mean. If you did not attend, you missed great fun, great location and great education and experience. Plan to attend next year’s convention in Tacoma at the Tacoma Dome Hotel. A dinner will be planned at the Lemay America’s Car Museum as well as other fun activities along with top notch speakers. This will be held June 3rd through 5th of 2015. Save the date in your calendar.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

2014 March/April President's Message

NAIFA’s Mission is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of our members. I know that you are reading this message and newsletter because you are a dues paying valued member of NAIFA and that you understand and aspire to live up to this mission. Many of you have sponsored new members over the years and continue to do so with my sincere gratitude.  I can’t say it enough how important it is to our profession, our clients and prospects that we grow the numbers of NAIFA members. You know as well as I that legislators listen more intently when a large number of their constituents are affected by issues. Therefore I am going to share with you some research relating to other professions and their respective organizations.

There are approximately 1 million doctors in America with 250,000 of them paying $420 annual dues to The American Medical Association.  

Monday, March 31, 2014

In Loving Memory

Our friend and mentor Jim Mitchell passed away March 25, 2014 in Bellingham, WA.  

Jim served as a local leader for NAIFA Northwest (WA), as State President and IFAPAC Chair for many years. He is known far and wide in the northwest and has friends all over the country through his involvement with the PAC. He led our Washington IFAPAC for about 15 years before handing the baton to me in 2008. (I handed off to a YAT, Alex Collins, this year).

The picture is of Jim in New Orleans where he and I attended IFAPAC training in 2008. We were out watching the Mardi Gras parades in the cold rain but he was having the time of his life. That big smile was Jim’s trademark – he had one for everybody.

His wife, Diane, also a long-time member of NAIFA, is surrounded by their children and many local friends inside and outside of NAIFA. Jim always said she was his sustaining influence for every success he had. In case you want to send a card or note:

Dianne Mitchell
2209 Ontario St.
Bellingham, WA  98229-4027

Richard Ek
IFAPAC Co-Chairman

2014 March/April IFAPAC


I remember hearing the story about a traveler who came to a fork in the road and wasn't sure which of the two roads to take.

There was a little boy standing by the side of the road so he asked him if it mattered which road he took to get to his destination. The little boy said, "It don't matter ta me". His answer wasn't the one that the stranger wanted to hear but it was honest.

‘Forks' are decision points and each of us will come to many of them during our lifetime for they can't be avoided, Some are critically important and some make very little difference which road or direction we end up taking either from the short or long term point of view. It seems as though there is always someone standing near our ‘forks' to give us advice as to which road to take and often it doesn't matter to them which one we choose.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 March/April LILI

Wanted: Leadership In Life Institute Class of 2014...Are YOU Ready??
2012 LILI Class Students and Now Alumni

L/R: Stan Fortier, Alex Collins,
Jim Thompson, Stan Fortier, Jason Hastie
and Randy Kimm

Mission: The NAIFA Leadership in Life Institute (LILI) develops leaders by fostering personal growth, enhancing business practices and developing skills necessary for effective leadership.

·     Encounter the very best in leadership and personal development thinking as presented by outstanding leaders

·     Learn at a highly accelerated rate while surrounded by highly motivated peers

·     Engage in deep introspection and deal with topics such as time management, vision and mission statements, business plans, and ways to create deeper, more meaningful relationships

2014 January/February OIC

OIC Accepts Additional NIPR Applications

The OIC has expanded the types of applications being accepted through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) online interface as of December 20, 2013.  New insurance license applications and renewals may now be submitted for the following license types:

Ø  Resident producer (full lines only)*

Ø  Resident surplus lines broker*

Ø  Non-resident surplus lines broker*